The Best U.S. Port To Cruise Carnival

Truth time: I originally didn’t qualify this post with that ‘U.S.’ bit.

But then I remembered we once cruised Carnival out of Barcelona, the greatest city on this or any planet. So, ‘Best U.S. Port’ this quickly became.

Because I spend faaaaaar too many daytime hours alone farting around on the internet, my family will join me in the Bayou next Saturday night at the (pork) butt end of the Dad 2.0 Summit.

That’s not the way I usually sign off from Dad 2.0.

Here’s what happened.

I was perusing the Carnival website, as I’m wont to do, just poking ’round to see where they cruise to and where they cruise from and,




whad’ya know, Carnival cruises from New Orleans.

Iiiiiiisn’t that interesting.

I didn’t even know that the Big Easy was a cruise port. I mean, yeah, it’s on the water, duh, but so is Trenton, New Jersey and I’ve never seen the Carnival Dream docked alongside the Trenton Makes The World Takes Bridge.

Flickr photo by Glenn Beltz

The cruise we purchased will be on water Sunday to Sunday, which was perfect because Dad 2.0 ends Saturday night.

The itinerary is ideal too, making two stops in countries we’ve never been (Belize and Honduras) meaning two new flags in our burgeoning collection that’s strung up above our mismatched frame wall of family travel photos.

Finally, the price of this Carnival Dream Western Caribbean cruise was too good to pass up ($2123, in total, for the four of us, for a Balcony room + a $100 on board credit that we’re flipping into a beach day excursion in Honduras — I mean, c’mon, how was I supposed to NOT book that????) especially because I was already going to be in NOLA, so just 3 additional plane tickets to buy to get our (pork) butts on that boat to Belize.

Preservation Hall New Orleans Review for Kids

New Orleans is the best U.S. port to cruise out of because…because it’s New Orleans, man!

Cruising Carnival out of the Big Easy is the best because that’s a big, easy long weekend vacation unlike any other just waiting there, right there for you and your family!, within waking distance of the cruise terminal, just waiting to be tacked on to the beginning or end of your cruise vacation.

No rental car needed! Just chill out, soak in the haunting, beautiful, below sea-level vibes of the most unique city in America while you gear up for fun in the sun on your cruise.

Imagine skipping through the sing-song-y Audubon Zoo, being moved by the stunning World War II Museum, having your minds blown at Preservation Hall, and eating all of the pecan smoked bacon wrapped jumbo gulf shrimp & stone ground yellow grits at Mr. B’s Bistro in the French Quarter…all BEFORE an epic Carnival Cruise (or after, totally your call).

Mr B's Bistro Shrimp and Grits NOLA

We cannot wait to cruise Carnival out of New Orleans this February.

It’s gonna be the best, I know it. I can hear it and taste it and see it and feel it already.

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