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Not Ready Yet To Go All The Way Grey

The flecks of grey started to appear in my early twenties.

That seemed a bit ahead of schedule.


The grey onslaught started slow enough, just a strand here and there, something my mom would point out with a slightly wry smile when I’d return to the nest. She’d say I was “looking distinguished”, even more so if I’d come over to her house straight from work; all neck tied, pressed slacks and in shoes that would announce my every step. I was young still, but with financial licenses to my credit that sounded fancier than they were when spoken about in mixed company, which I imagined both of my parents took a modicum of pleasure in doing back then. I couldn’t blame them because after a miserable high school career, failing at starting a business, and sleeping on the floor of a dingy Philadelphia apartment, it was good of me to finally have given them something upstanding to share with their friends about their youngest child. But now their baby was going grey.

What in the actual hell?

More hairs turned traitor and abandoned their browncoat mates as I aged into my thirties, got married, became a father, and left the financial world behind for a second stint of a life spent lying on the ground but it was different this time around. The mattress on the floor and the cracked dirty hardwood of my youth were replaced with plush carpet, wooden puzzles, colorful blocks, and two sets of tiny, eager hands.

All the while, I embraced the follicle changes I really had no control over anyway and tried to believe my wife when she’d say that the woven mess of grey and brown atop my head was sexy. But the grey hair has begun to rapidly encroach upon the brown I was born with and as I sit here at 41, I fear that by age 45 I’ll have the hair of a 75 year old man.

That’s not distinguished, that’s just straight-up odd. And old. And not the least bit sexy.


I found something in Just For Men Control GX that gradually reduces the onslaught of grey hair and I’m giving it a shot. Listen, I’m not interested in a return of anything from my life as an 18 or 22 year old because my glory days are happening in the present tense, so ‘going back to brown’ isn’t what I am after but I think with this grey-reducing shampoo I have found the biological pause button.


I started using the Just For Men Control GX shampoo last weekend to see if I can reduce the grey a wee bit, and then to maintain a more pleasing grey-brown balance going forward. That control, the ability to reverse the color clock as much or as little as I want over a period of time in a decidedly non-drastic manner, is a rad thing, as opposed to, say, a fast and flat out reversal back to a previous iteration of myself. No thanks.


I’m in control over how old I look, or don’t look, which is the way it should be. Hey, that’s probably where the name, Control GX, originated. Clever, that.

If only there was a Just For Men product that helped me control how old I feel when I now try to get down on the floor with my kids.

So, I’ve shampooed three times with Just For Men Control GX (just the Grey Reducing Shampoo not the Shampoo + Conditioner, never have been a fan of how smooth conditioner makes my hair), on Sunday, Wednesday and this morning and…I think I can see a small difference. I think. See me from above, below. It’s subtle, no doubt, but the ratio of grey to brown looks to be tilting, ever so slightly, already, in the favor of youth.

Not Ready Yet To Go All The Way Grey Just For Men Control GX

*OWTK received product and financial compensation for this story. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased as always. I really am going very, very grey and I really am not ready yet to go all the way grey.

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