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Layers in Winter

According to her, I was insane. That’s what I got back after I texted my wife to say that I’d brought only the new Russell fleece zip hoodie with me to Detroit. Insane, in her mind, because the forecast in the D called for highs in the 20s and up to 9 inches of freshly fallen snow during my weekend in the Motor City. Okay, fine, it does appear pretty insane on the surface to pack so lightly for Detroit in wintertime but I really truly honestly believed that a few thin layers; my Red Wings jersey, a long sleeve performance t-shirt, and the sharp dark grey Russell Premium Fleece zip hoodie with burgundy sleeves and hood would keep me warm as I walked from the Marriott Hotel at the Renaissance Center to famed Joe Louis Arena and back again a few hours later after nightfall. I wasn’t wrong.

Jeff Bogle OWTK RussellDadlete 1

I’d never worn zip hoodie as a kid but for the past half decade or so the arms-through-sleeve-and-a-zip has been preferred to pull-over-head-get-head-stuck-trip-over-leg-of-chair-fall-over-and-have-children-laughing-at-me. Yes, zip hoodies are easier for old men, and an old man is what I am, an old man who no longer enjoyed temperatures below, say, 58 degrees. Zip hoodies are also absolutely awesome for going in and out of temperature altering situations like freezing cold on the streets of Detroit to toasty warm Detroit restaurants. Cold? Zip all the way up. Warm? Unzip a bit. Hot? Unzip fully and take it off without causing a scene. That’s my kind of simplicity.

Jeff Bogle OWTK RussellDadlete Layers in Detroit Cold

But yes, back to the plot, the Russell fleece zip hoodie kept me toasty warm even as the wind from the Detroit River blew 23 degrees and accompanying snow against my left side. Hood up, zipper aaaaaaall the way up covering my mouth and neck, and no. problem. at. all. What’s outstanding is that this Russell hoodie isn’t bulky or thick in the least. To touch it (super, duper soft) and see it (a handsome devil), you’d never know that it would be capable of keeping you warm on such a winter walk. But it can, and it did, and it will for you too. Even better, the Russell Premium Fleece zip hoodie isn’t going to set your wallet back very far. We’re talking $10-$16. For sizes S – 5XL. FOR REAL.

Jeff Bogle OWTK RussellDadlete Layers in Detroit Cold

Do it, I promise you’ll be comfy and warm all winter long, in Detroit or wherever your favorite hockey team plays their home games.

I promise you’ll also be comfy, like, wrapped up snug like a baby in a crib comfy, in the Russell zip hoodie whilst stranded at the airport, watching your flight home get delayed, delayed, canceled, delayed, and, once more for good measure, delayed.

True story.

Jeff Bogle OWTK RussellDadlete Airport Comfort

*OWTK received a zip hoodie and compensation for this story but all opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased. I really did only wear the Russell zip hoodie in Detroit with nothing but a performance tee and Red Wings jersey, I really was incredibly warm, and it really was 23 degrees, windy and snowing. And I was comfy like a snug baby while I sat in the Detroit airport for 8 hours.




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