No Time For Netflix

The internet is flooded with tweets, updates and blog posts extolling the many virtues of this movie or that TV series. Many more tweets, updates and blog posts share what those individuals are watching right this very moment and why you should too. Do these people work? Have homework? Make dinner?

Sometimes life doesn’t afford the time to sit down and watch a single solitary thing. Sometimes, and you might want to at least hold on to a railing for this, but sometimes there’s no time for Netflix. Gasp. I know, I know, no one, literally no one, has it harder. The struggle is real, I can’t even, or whatever trendy suburbanites say in jest these days.

There’s Christmas decorating to finish (seriously, can we wrap this up so our house maybe looks tidier than Target’s seasonal section on December 26th), shopping (hey, another Target reference!) and wrapping for the three Sponsor-a-Child kids we adopted (that’s probably not the right word, I mean, it’s not like I’m cooking and bathing them or anything) this year, the girls’ trio of after school band rehearsals and then the trio of concerts for which they are rehearsing, Girl Scout meetings, and more commitments that I cannot even remember right now. I literally ask Google Home what’s on my calendar every 15 minutes. I can’t keep it straight.

In short, stuff’s been happening and so the TVs, iPads and even the smaller screens have mostly been dark for a bit now. Would we have liked to already have returned to Paddington Station with the cutest bear in Britain? Of course. Are we stoked to finally watch the rad new Jungle Book movie (which arrives on Netflix tomorrow)? Naturally, but will we find the 2 hours needed to screen it at any point in the near future? Unlikely. Maybe during the kids’ Christmas break from school when the days are shorter but the time, like the scattered decorations left unwanted on pegs and shelves of seasonal sections from coast to coast, is on sale.

Sometimes life is happening so quickly, like a squirrel frantically encircling a tree in search of what maybe he doesn’t even know, only that he must keep moving, keep searching until the answer reveals itself in some branch or, possibly, not even in the tree. Look over there in the tall grasses, squirrel. Or maybe, just take a nap. Naps are nice.

We’re excited for what’s on Netflix right now, both the new (and new old) movies that are streaming and we can’t wait to finish the hilarious Skylanders Academy series and start the 2nd season of Beat Bugs. And we’re even more excited for the arrival of the days when we’ll have the leisure time to watch it all.

*OWTK is back for another year as a member of Netflix’s StreamTeam. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, obviously, and as always.

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