OWTK Kid's Music Monthly Podcast

OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast July 2016 Playlist

A special 11 song podcast (I’ll explain why at the end of the episode) to celebrate July 2016. Here’s what you heard / will hear.

Mixed Up Truck Picture Book

Thanks to Macmillan Publishers new book The Mixed Up Truck for sponsoring this episode of the podcast.

  • Dean Jones “Swiss Cheese Angels” from In My Dreams
  • Caspar Babypants “Annabelle Pancake” from Away We Go!
  • Danny Weinkauf and the Red Pants Band “Look At The Clouds”
  • Lucy Kalantari “Balloon” single
  • Jason Didner and the Jungle Jam Band “Lollipop Motel” from Lollipop Motel
  • Big World Audio Theatre “Entomology” from Entomology
  • Nathalia “Oh Math” from When I Was Your Age
  • Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies “Sunflower Seeds” from Bubble Wrap
  • Funkinships “The Platypus and Steve Buscemi” from Post Folk Absurdist
  • The Whizpops “Pika” from Ranger Rick’s Trail Mix Vol. 1
  • Secret Agent 23 Skidoo “Secret Superhero” from Infinity Plus One

Let’s check out I WONDER by Doyin Richards one more time because great hard working dads are great and hard working all year, not just at Father’s Day! Macmillian Publishers continues to be a supporter of and believer in the OWTK Podcast! Let’s give their books some love.

I Wonder Doyin Richards

Download the July 2016 episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast here, stream below or consider subscribing for free on iTunes or your favorite podcast app (just search ‘OWTK’).

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