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OWTK Podcast May 2016 Kindiecomm Audio Unboxing Special

Because I received a massive package of albums from the bands and artists who’d attended this year’s Kindiecomm music conference in Philadelphia, I decided to do a special episode of free kids music dedicated only to the bands who made the trek into Philly to learn about the business of children’s music, to hone their craft and share their songs with peers and media in attendance (or not, in my case).

In this episode I ‘unbox’ 10 albums handpicked by my youngest daughter based on the album art, song titles, album titles and band names she liked best from the lot. We did not listen to the songs first so I’m hearing them for the first time during the show. Enjoy this podcast episode of free kids music and please consider purchasing the songs and albums you and your kids like the best!


The May episode is sponsored by I WONDER, the brand new book for actively-involved daddies from dad blogger superstar Doyin Richards. Through words and photos, this book showcases all of the work daddies do with and for their kids, from brushing hair to making lunches to planting gardens to explaining the finer points of riding a bike. I WONDER makes a rad Father’s Day gift for a first time dad or any dad who takes pride in doing the work of fatherhood!

The May 2016 Playlist

  • Kevin Kammeraad and Friends “A Sea Cow” from Spinach Dip Pancakes
  • The Green Orbs “The Hams In The Deep Blue Sea” from Dear Mr. Mustache
  • Ratboy Jr. “Poofy” from Hamster Pants
  • Ants on a Log “Some Girls Have Short Hair” from You Could Draw The Album Art!
  • Culture Queen “North, South, East & West” from I Like The Me I See
  • Lucas Miller “Living In A Wetland” from I <3 Earth
  • Sarah Aroeste “Se Yo Era El Sielo” from Ora De Despertar
  • Mo Phillips “Lunchbox” from Occasional Yogurt
  • Charity and the Jamband “Keep A Green Tree In Your Heart” from Earth
  • Rainbow Rock Band “Squirrel in My Cupcake” from Meet the Rainbow!

Stream the entire episode below, download it directly here or subscribe on iTunes or your favorite Android podcast provider (search ‘OWTK’).

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