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OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly 10K Download Celebration — ALL WEEK LONG!!

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What a week I have in store for you! Music, treasure hunts, prizes and reflections on my and my family’s life with kindie music.

Each day this week I’ll be delivering a special 6-song OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast episode. And within each special episode is a treasure hunt to win an amazing prize from one of the band’s you’ll hear.

5 Days, 30 songs, 5 prizes, many memories.

**Each episode this week is sponsored by the Philadelphia International Children’s Festival, happening at the Annenberg Center from May 7-9. Enjoy theater, dance, music and more at this remarkable annual event. Click here for tickets and more info.**


Thank you so much for listening to this show and sharing it with your friends. It means the world to me to be able to give this music a platform to be heard.

Now enjoy episode one of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly 10K Download Celebration! Subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes (or your favorite podcast provider) to get them all delivered to you this week (and access the 45+ older episodes). Listen for the treasure hunt and send your answer to jeff@owtk.com.

Episode two is here! Stream below and keep an eye out for the treasure hunt question! Send you answer to jeff@owtk.com to win a prize from the band in question!

Episode three is ready for you! Download it directly here or stream below. Of course, subscribing through iTunes or your favorite podcast provider is the best way to receive the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly.

Episode Four is here for you.

And finally, a full-sized 10-song Day Five episode to finish off this week long celebration. Phew. We made it and I think I’ve left you with the best OWTK podcast yet. I hope you agree.

This kindie music is so important to me, as a passionate lover of music, a dad who wants to elongate childhood for as long as his girls want to experience it, and for a man who has made great friends with so many talented and committed musicians fighting the good fight against the perception that what they do, their art, does not have worth.

Much love for you for listening over the years and every day this week. Enjoy this one with your kiddos.

*All answers must be received by Friday May 15th to be eligible for a prize. This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Thanks again for listening and playing along!

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