5 Things To Do in Barcelona with Kids

Our Carnival Vista cruise departs from the Catalan capital so we’ve decided to fly into Barcelona with kids a day early to sneak in a few sights, smells and good eats in my favorite place on Earth.

We spent five nights in Barcelona four years ago but this time, with the girls older and even more adventurous, we’re excited for another 36 hours in Barcelona with our kids.

Here are 5 things to do in Barcelona with kids

Casa Batllo 36 Hours in Barcelona with Kids

Casa Batlló

Last time, we revealed in Antoni Gaudí‘s curvy creative genius at Park Guell, only spying Batlló from the outside. On this visit to Barcelona, we go inside to marvel at the rounded edges, the shapes and the audacity of possibility that Gaudí inspires. Must see: the new ‘theatrical’ Casa Batllo tour places a young actor playing Gaudi with you and your group to show off the secrets of this magical home. (available in English and Spanish)

*Flick photo of Casa Batllo by Ron Frazier, used under Creative Commons license.

Picasso Museum 36 hours in Barcelona with Kids

Picasso Museum

Ok so four years ago we literally ran through this museum 30 minutes before it closed but this time around, with our 1 night apartment rental only steps away from the Picasso Museum in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, we will visit with more than a lone half hour to spare to marvel at the genius of Picasso throughout all of his artistic periods, blue and otherwise.

And then we’ll eat at…

*Flick photo by OK Apartment, used under Creative Commons license.

Barca Chocolate and churros

Churrería Laietana

During our first vacation in Barcelona, we also arrived at this hotbed of hot chocolate and churros late only to be served crunchy stale treats just before they closed for the night. We’ll return during normal business hours to dip fresh churros into cups of thick hot chocolate. Yum.

Poble Espanyol 36 hours in Barcelona with kids

Poble Espanyol

Not only does this place look like a Spanish Epcot (with architecture and cuisine from the many regions of Spain) it’s also playing host to its annual Playmobil Fair on the day we’ll be visiting, so, you know, how awesome is that?

*Flick photo by Oh-Barcelona, used under Creative Commons license.


Camp Nou Tour

No, we did this already and our U.K. trip this summer will be dotted with tours of empty football stadiums so I won’t push my luck to return to this temple to the beautiful game. But it should without a doubt be on your itinerary when you visit Barcelona with kids for 36 hours or more! The home of FC Barcelona with blow your mind.

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