The Many Hairstyles of Cruising Aboard the Carnival Sunshine

Whether you are going all out to the nines on elegant night, looking to make a connection with a new lady friend or just want to not be embarressed as background humor in the selfies of others, most guys will do their best to look their best while cruising. But the thing about cruising is that for the vast majority of your time on board a boat like the Carnival Sunshine, you’re, you know, actually cruising. Moving at a pretty good clip on the high seas can be harrowing on one’s head of hair so looking your best is a relative concept. Here are my many hairstyles while cruising aboard the Carnival Sunshine to the Southern Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Grand Turk.

We may have been docked but the wind wasn’t. Here’s my handsome windblown style at port in Grand Turk on board the 6th deck front of the Carnival Sunshine.


Carnival Sunshine Hair Suave

The talented (although not at high-winds shuffleboard) men of Men Who Blog capturing a moment on board the Carnival Sunshine. While I actually really like my hair here, it is probably a little too ‘Rico Suave’ for everyday stylin’.


Inside deck 6 hallway with wind blown hair Carnival Sunshine

Here I am having just come in from the front of deck 6. It is early in the morning, I didn’t sleep enough and I look a tad delirious as I head to breakfast in the Lido Marketplace on board the Carnival Sunshine.


Carnival Sunshine Hair windblown sportssquare

Here’s another post-shuffleboard selfie with the Men Who Blog crew on board the Carnival Sunshine. My hair style here is indicative of what it looked like for about 85% of the cruise. And I liked it!


Carnival Sunshine Hairstyle Crazy side part

This isn’t a photo from some ‘What You’ll Look Like With A Comb-Over’ App! Instead, this is me with a wicked high-seas-hair-part on the Carnival Sunshine.


Carnival Sunshine Hairstyle Guys Burger Joint Dishelved

A Guy’s Burger Joint selfie with 2 of the Men Who Blog. We’re protected from the wind here so my hair is about as normal looking as possible on the Carnival Sunshine.


Cruise Elegant Carnival Sunshine

The Bear and I before a cruise elegant date night on board the Carnival Sunshine. My hair remained exactly like this all night because I didn’t dare go outside!

Carnival Sunshine Hairstyle soaking wet in a Caribbean downpour during run

Finally, here I am at the end of a 5K run around the Carnival Sunshine track. I run in a downpour for the final 1/4 mile.


Carnival Sunshine Hair with Thing 1 Dr Seuss

This is what your hair looks like if you’re a silly 8-year-old girl at the Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham breakfast on board the Carnival Sunshine.

*For more stories about cruising on the Carnival Sunshine, check out the posts by my pals at #MenWhoBlog.

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