Sisterly Star Wars™ and PopWars

Life of Dad Pop Secret PopWars Jedi Knight Force Popcorn

There’s been a great disturbance in the…

Mouse, what are you doing??!

“Getting dressed.”

Again? The movie is about to start!


If generating piles of laundry large enough to replicate the sand dunes of Tatooine was a recognized trait of a Jedi, than my youngest Padawan would be far along in her training. In that scenario, I’d also be the tallest Yoda in the history of everything. That’s a weird mental image. Also, I didn’t see a single washer or dryer on Dagobah.

Fortunately, I have deft command of the (laundry) Force so her favorite Jedi garb is always clean and folded tidily, ready to have her looking nattily clad while battling the empire…or, er, the resistance. Oh why do children always gravitate towards the dark side?

Ah, the adorable Able Baker Darth Vader ‘I love the dark side’ t-shirt. There it is.

 Life of Dad Pop Secret PopWars Darth Vader Popcorn

That shirt, the one she must wear whenever we watch, play, or even just discuss Star Wars™, is always covered in Pop Secret Extra Cheesy Popcorn crumbles when she and her sister snuggle up with a bag to watch Star Wars™ Return of the Jedi. Also, because children are children, the t-shirt doubles as a napkin.

Another load of laundry I will do.

Pop Secret PopWars Pre-Popped PopCorn

Popping open a bag or two of the new Pop Secret pre-popped popcorn adorned with Star Wars™ characters and cool trivia makes watching the Star Wars™ saga as a family even more magical. My young Padawans devoured the Extra Cheesy while making their sisterly version of a classic Star Wars™ scene, but there’s also Salted, Homestyle, Kettle Corn and White Cheddar Pop Secret pre-popped popcorn to choose from so there’s a flavor for everyone, even those who’ve foolishly joined the dark side.

Pop Secret and my friends at Life of Dad have formed a strong rebel alliance that’s impossible to defeat and invite you and your kids to join force with them by sharing a home video showing how Pop Secret pre-popped popcorn helps your family use the Force. You could win over $1000 in Pop Secret and Star Wars™ prizes! Simply make a fun video like ours above or my pal Chris Bernholdt’s incredible PopWars movie trailer, upload it to your personal Facebook page making sure you tag Pop Secret and use the hashtag #PopWars. Hurry! Entries are due by June 12, 2015 at 5pm ET. Find the full #PopWars rules and get your video recorded today!

Join me, a bunch of my dad buddies and the Life of Dad crew for the Pop Secret PopWars Twitter party on Wednesday June 10th at 8pm ET. Follow the #PopWars hashtag to play along!

Pop Secret Life of Dad Twitter Party

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Pop Secret and was compensated for my participation in this promotion.

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