National Burger Month at Iron Hill Brewery

Iron Hill Brewery Burger Month Sign in West Chester

The sign says it all:

31 Burgers, 31 Days

Are you up for the challenge? I mean, not all 31, but still…

Iron Hill Brewery, the stellar local chain of gastro pubs, should be on your dining destination short list this month to take part in their tour of burger possibilities with a different juicy burger on offer every single day of May during National Burger Month. With 11 area locations, there’s likely an Iron Hill Brewery near you, which means on any given May day, an inventive burger creation is also near you. My mouth is watering just writing that last sentence.

Iron Hill Brewery Burger Month Day 2 Menu

Maybe your kiddo won’t like the idea of a fried egg or a pile of tender brisket atop their sandwich, or maybe you don’t want to fork over $13+ on their meal, but that’s more than okay at Iron Hill Brewery because no restaurant in the Philadelphia area (and possibly, the country) has as plentiful and thoughtful a kid’s menu, all priced at $6.50, which includes multiple vegetable and fruit options on the side, and offers milk as a beverage choice unlike some restaurants which stupidly upcharge for a kid’s drink other than soda. There’s is the gold standard for kiddie fare.

Iron Hill Brewery Best Kids Menu

The Iron Hill Brewery kid’s menu is why even we non-drinkers are King of the Hill members, and why we return there often. Also, the Iron Hill calamari is the best in the world. That helps…A LOT. But we’re talking burgers right now. Burgers!

Iron Hill Brewery Burger Month Day 2 Bacon Lover Burger

I’ll give you my quick thoughts on Day 2’s burger month offering: the Bacon Lover Burger (tomato bacon jam was tasty, but the bacon aoili was to die for) but this information will do you no good because May 2nd is in the rear view mirror. Other day’s to consider:

May 4 — The Tombstone Burger

May 11 — The Bourbon Street Burger

May 19 — The Arc de Triomphe Burger

May 26 — The Poppy’s a Little Sloppy Burger

May 30 — The Big Cheesowski

Check out all of the burgers on the full May Burger Month menu.

Try five of the burgers and get $15 off your next visit. I’m up for the challenge. Are you?

Iron Hill Brewery Burger Month Punch Card

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