The Perfect California Redwoods Weekend Family Vacation

Do you have a family travel bucket list?

Of course you do! Even if not formally written down, there are places within the U.S. you long to visit. Places you see when you close your eyes and wish upon a star to be…anywhere else. I bet I can name a few of those destinations:


Grand Canyon?

and how about…

Mt. Rushmore?


I hear you on all four of those spots!

I’m lucky to be close to New York City and to get to spend a fair amount of time up there, and luckier still to have finally spent a day at the Grand Canyon (it is as amazing as you think, and yes, you must get there eventually). No Mt. Rushmore for my family…yet! But we did get one day at Disneyland a couple of years ago and will return this summer. Here’s another spot — well, more of a very large area than a spot — that should be on your must-see family travel bucket list:

The Redwoods

Located at the top of California, the majestic redwood forests are an awe-inspiring sight. Like a trip back through time, back millions of years ago when giant sequoias ruled the earth. These giant trees are every bit as, well, gigantic, as advertised, soaring way way way up into sky, higher than any natural sight you’ve ever seen before. Magnificent and breathtaking and when the sunlight peeks through it is the postcard, the dream, the vision of another time before the world got so very complicated.

Redwoods on Google Maps

Make a plan to live simply in the redwoods, if only for a weekend.

Sunlight through the Redwoods

Spending a weekend hiking around the many trails through the redwoods is something everyone should do at least once, especially recommended is getting down to Fern Canyon (a magical place as mystical as its name suggests) alongside Gold Bluffs Beach (where this epic Toyota Highlander journey took place), the unspoiled coast where the redwoods dramatically meet the sea’s raw and untamable power.

Fern Canyon CA Sun Splattered Sign_July 14 2014_Jeff Bogle NXMini Imagelogger

Lucky for you, we’ve got the absolute greatest place to stay as a family in the redwoods, a place that backs up to the wonderful Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park and is just a tiny drive down to the Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park and Gold Bluffs Beach / Fern Canyon:

The Crescent City / Redwoods KOA


The Crescent City / Redwoods KOA, located on Highway 101 and open from March 1 – November 15 every year, accommodates all kinds of campers — RVs, tents, and those like me who need a few more creature comforts. This welcoming KOA offers two deluxe cabins each complete with a full bathroom and shower, cable TV, bunk beds for the kids, adorable front ‘yards’ and porches, and a mini kitchen. THIS is how one camps! 😉


What’s better than sitting outside your redwoods KOA deluxe cabin by a roaring fire? Not much, my friends.


You think these two were excited to discover the Redwoods KOA deluxe cabin has a separate room with rad bunk beds?

Redwoods-KOA-Cabin-Inside View

Now this is what I call camping! True ‘rugged’ luxury inside the Redwoods KOA deluxe cabin. Check out the LED reading lights on either side of the master bed!

Redwoods-KOA-Cabin-Outside View

I’d go absolutely anyway with these three ladies!

The folks at the Crescent City / Redwoods KOA couldn’t be more pleasant, the laundry facilities any cleaner, the pancake breakfasts tastier, and the on-site goats and chickens more adorable. Your kids will LOVE it at this KOA.

The town of Crescent City is absolutely nothing worth visiting on its own, but there’s a decent grocery store to stock up on supplies and then you can unwind and dine in comfort inside, and out of, your cabin.

S’mores anyone?

Redwood Tree Selfie_Crescent City CA_Jeff Bogle NXMini Imagelogger

Feeling rather small amidst the California Redwoods.

Kids in the Redwood Forest_Crescent City CA_July 14 2014_Jeff Bogle NXMini Imagelogger

Two girls hiking and exploring the California Redwoods.

My Daughter glowing amongst the Redwood Trees_CA_Jeff Bogle NXMini Imagelogger

Giant trees, little girl.

Nightly rates for the Redwoods KOA deluxe cabins vary. We paid $78 per night last July. Check availability and the rates on the Crescent City / Redwoods KOA site.

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