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For those, like us, who’d never been to the Big Island of Hawaii before and who, like us, had a very specific and extremely idyllic flowery vision of what Hawaii would look like upon arrival, the drive from Kona’s outdoor airport to The Fairmount Orchid can be more than a little bit jarring. Think: more surface of the moon than luxurious tropical paradise.

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The black lava fields flanking the big island’s only highway give this half hour stretch an isolated sci-fi vibe that, while breathtaking in its own highly unique way, isn’t exactly classically postcard Hawaii. Science fiction, however, gives way to romantic drama immediately upon driving onto the oceanfront property of The Fairmont Orchid hotel. It’s here where you discover big luxury on the big island of Hawaii.

Fairmont Orchid Hawaii Review

The smiling staff at The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii Resort greet you with gorgeous wooden leis before whisking you away to an open-aired den of tranquility, a mecca of supreme luxury and style, a small sliver of heaven on Earth.

You’ll see tropical flowers, tiki torches and the┬ácinematically blue water of the Kohala Coast — all before taking your first 50 steps on the property — and you’ll know straightaway that you’ve made the right choice, that what awaits during your stay is nothing short of the postcard-perfect Hawaiian travel experience you’ve long dreamed of.

Fairmont Orchid Resort Review View of the Beach from the Hotel

Fairmont Orchid Hawaii Hotel Review View from the water

The guest rooms at The Fairmount Orchid are tastefully appointed with a simple elegance that belays the laid back charm of Hawaii’s largest island. But chances are you will spend most of your time in the water, down in the gentle cove steps from your door, where sea turtles and thousands of tropical fish wait to swim with you.

Investing in Fun & Sun Activity passes ($75 / adults, $65 / kids, at the time of publication) give you daily access to paddle boards, snorkeling gear, floats, surf boards, kayaks and more for the duration of your stay. This is a must for any and all staying at The Fairmont Orchid. Because this guy and dozens of his pals are eager to meet you and your kids.

Fairmont Orchid Resort Review Sea Turles Swimming in hotel's beach

Fairmont Orchid Resort Review Sea Turles Swimming in hotel's beach

And because your daughters will want to experience upward mobility and the freedom of the cove.

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When you need a break from the salt water, there’s an relaxing pool open 24 hours a day in the center of The Fairmont Orchid’s expansive ‘backyard’ which, I can personally attest, proves a dreamlike spot to, instead of actually dreaming, watch Premiere League football on your iPad in the middle of the night while you slowly adjust to the time difference. The pool is also real fine at more reasonable times too, when floating around with a fancy tropical drink in your hand is the hardest thing you’ll do all day.

Nearby the pool is a hot tub tucked away like a well-kept secret into a small grove of palm trees, with cascading waterfalls adding to the dramatic semi-seclusion of this hideaway hot spot.

Fairmont Orchid Hawaii secret hot tub

Need something dry and active? How about a little picturesque ping pong?

Fairmont Orchid Resort Review Ping Pong Table

Dry and completely inactive? The Fairmont Orchid’s Spa Without Walls will help you achieve a level of tranquility you previously thought impossible, although the price tag for that kind of peace of mind is, ahem, not for the weak of heart.

Fairmont Orchid Hawaii spa without walls

There’s a lot of simple beauty, natural and man-made, to photograph and enjoy at The Fairmont Orchid Hawaii Resort.

Fairmont Orchid Resort Review Walkway Shell Light

Fairmont Orchid Resort Review Beach Shower Fairmont Orchid Resort Review Beach Shower

Several fine and casual dining options on site, including the wonderful Luana Lounge and their delicious Crispy Kona Orange Calamari, mean you don’t need to venture far from your Hawaiian Big Island paradise to get your foodie fix. Room service taken on your private balcony is also highly recommended!

That said, you should find your way off property to Lava Lava Beach Club to dine with your toes buried in the cool sand and to Merriman’s at least once each during your visit. Both are within a very short drive from the stately birds-of-paradise found at the remarkably luxurious Fairmont Orchid Hawaii Resort.

Fairmont Orchid Resort Review Birds of Paradise Flower

*Our stay at the Fairmont Orchid in September of 2014 was part of a Toyota Sienna press junket. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased as always.


All photos in this post were taken with Samsung NX30, NX3000 and NXMini cameras.

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