American Family Adventures: Kids’ New Year’s Eve at LEGOLAND California Review

LEGOLAND NYE 2015 Lineup Card

Sure, Disney is nice, and is probably still the glittery gem of Southern California family travel destinations, but there’s a red ruby brick located about an hour south that deserves its own place in your future vacation construction. And there’s no time better to visit LEGOLAND California than on New Year’s Eve! Read on for a Kids’ New Year’s Eve at LEGOLAND California Review!

We were lucky enough to ring in (sort of) 2014 at LEGOLAND California, along with some of the best kindie music artists alive. And this year, to usher in 2015, the lineup is even more amazing. Returning from last year are Justin Roberts, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, and The Pop Ups. They will be joined by two of Seattle’s best, two of our all-time favorites in Recess Monkey and The Not-Its! Holy hand grenades, this might be my dream 5-band kid’s music festival lineup! And it is happening at one of the most wonderful places on earth, LEGOLAND California!

Okay, so it is called Kids’ New Year’s Eve because the ‘brick drop’ and fireworks happen at 6pm PT, early enough for little ones to celebrate and go wild AND earlier enough for you to get back home or to your hotel, put the kiddos to bed, crack open a bottle of bubbly and kiss each other at the stroke of midnight. Win-win!

There are smaller crowds, shorter lines, and you can count on special guests at Kids’ New Year’s Eve too! Last year, we saw Saved By The Bell’s Tiffany Amber Thiessen and La Bamba’s Lou Diamond Phillips on stage with the bands. You’ll enjoy 3-D fireworks with free glasses that make it look like LEGO Bricks are exploding in the air — so rad!

If you will find yourself ANYWHERE near Carlsbad, CA on 12/31/14, you simply must get your family to LEGOLAND for Kids’ New Year’s Eve. The memories you’ll make and music you’ll hear will be unlike anything else in the world.

Here’s a visual look at our experience at LEGOLAND California’s Kids’ New Year’s Eve 2014 celebration on December 31st 2013, where Tiffany Amber Thiessen (be still my 13-year-old, Saved By The Bell loving heart) was the guest MC at the end of the evening and Lou Diamond Phillips joined Justin Roberts for “La Bamba” and “Stay At Home Dad”. There was also that moment where I found myself talking to Lou Diamond Phillips and he seemed to think he knew of OWTK and was a fan. Ummm, ok.

Make your family’s plan to be there for this most magical of New Year’s Eve parties with 5 of the best kid’s bands in the country, including two Grammy nominated acts, the winner of last year’s Latin Grammy for best kid’s album, and two bands who SHOULD have at least one nomination / Grammy Award each on their already impressive resumes.

*Coupons for free kid’s admission to LEGOLAND are available in the free LEGO monthly magazine. I have one extra and I’d be happy to mail it to the first reader who emails me asking for it.

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