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Gearing Up For Opening Day


I’d gladly trade Columbus Day, a player to be named later, and cash considerations for it. Columbus Day’s GM, however, won’t return any of my calls.

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is, in my book, and properly should be all-official-like, a national freaking holiday. The red, white & blue bunting, the smell of hot dogs rotating up and down, up and down, up and down on those slanted metal rollers, the triumphant return of Mr. Met, the San Diego Chicken and of course the Phillie Phanatic on their goofy little mascot vehicles, the cracks of wooden bats, balls smacking into well-oiled leather mitts — my god today is a most glorious day in America. The national anthem never sounds as good as it does on this day and the grass never looks so green, so fit for the city of Oz.

Opening Day is a day every American should have the privilege of enjoying at home or at a game with their family. I’d rather people work past midnight on Thanksgiving than on the first Monday of April, baseball’s traditional opening day. Once upon a time, before spur of the moment vacations and sick days sucked away all of the time we could reasonably keep the girls out of school without being scolded by the authorities, I would make sure that my daughters and I were at home together on Opening Day, cooking on the grill, playing in the yard, and listening to our national pastime on the radio (still the best way to enjoy the sounds of summer). We’ve since modified that plan to start in late afternoon, but there’s still a grill waiting to cook us dinner and plenty of day and evening opening day baseball on the schedule and in our immediate future once the curtain closes on another school day, including our Fightin’ Phils at 3pm today vs. the retooled Boston Red Sox.

This year, our hometown Phillies are projected to be something very rotten — 100 loses are possible — but we’ll still cheer them on every day and every night. To ease the pain of a painful season, we’ve outfitted ourselves with some new gear from, because we can still look fine even if they don’t always on the diamond.

Man, this is gonna be a loooong season.

Jeff Bogle NX1 85mm Phillies Daughter Opening Day MLBFanatics

The Mouse got herself a pair of adorable Phillie Phanatic flip-flops, the Bear only wanted some tattoos, and I’m in love with my new Nike Dri-Fit Phillies running shirt that I’ve already sweated-up a few times on the treadmill and during outside runs on the sunny days of early spring.

Jeff OWTK Phillies Nike Dri-Fit Running Shirt MLBFanatics

I also bought cool Phillies twisty sip straws for the girls to enjoy a fruit punch on opening day and me a wicked cooler pilsner glass for a frothy handmade milkshake on April 6th (and on many warm weather days to follow).


Baseball not exactly your thing? That’s okay, we can still be friends and you can still score some sweet swag for your favorite NHL, NFL, NBA or college teams and even for the Premiere League side or MLS club you support, all from the officially licensed sports gear mecca, Good deals are waiting to be found on clothes, hats and stuff perfect for the summer months.

Jeff Bogle NX1 85mm Phillies Daughter Opening Day MLBFanatics

No matter which team you’ll live and die with this summer, I sincerely hope their 2015 season is entertaining from start to finish, and that you’ll join me in gearing up for opening day with

Play ball!

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