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The New Favorite Photo: A Portrait of the Look on the Ferry


There was a photo I took in the fall of 2006, of the Bear in southern France. She was wearing a sky blue long sleeve shirt, solid blue with no pattern or design, the sun beamed down on her forehead, and the wind was blowing her hair just so, giving her that disheveled look fancy-pants people pay stylists at lot of coin to produce with gobs of product to make it stick before walking a runway or a red carpet.

For over 8 years, it was the photo I’d call up whenever anyone asked me to pick a favorite shot of my oldest daughter. But it has been replaced. It’s okay, 8+ year is one hell of a run. No one can take that away.

Last month the Bear gave me this look on a ferry boat connecting Sausalito to San Francisco. She was wearing a solid grey shirt, with some darker grey lace embellishments on the shoulders that run down the 3/4 length sleeves, but there is no other pattern of note, the huge sun beamed down upon her, and the wind was again blowing her hair just so.

And I’ve got a new favorite photo to pull whenever anyone asks for the best ever of this 11-year-old girl.

Taken on February 16, 2015 with the Samsung NX1 85mm lens.

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