Photos of Growing Up

Two Girls On The Forest Moon of Endor

Two girls on the forest moon of endor

A year ago, this would have made no sense to them, and, frankly to me as well.

It had been decades, after all. And so I too hadn’t the foggiest of ideas as to what the Forest Moon of Endor was or meant. But there we were, last month, hiking through centuries old Redwoods, imagining Wicket and his Ewok pals frolicking merrily as they do and did in Muir Wood National Park, just above San Francisco.

Two girls selfie on the forest moon of endor

And then there is this photo, of two girls growing up, of two girls taking a selfie ideal for a smartphone’s print advert (call me AT&T, let’s chat about licensing,) and growing into themselves as charming, spirited people — two more fans of the ever-expanding empire.

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  1. Don’t ever stop being great

  2. Don’t think I didn’t notice the youngling’s shirt there. Muir woods were honored to have you and your family.

  3. Aw, man. We were there two years ago and I totally failed to make the connection for my two girls. Guess we’ll have to get back there again!

    (Also, where can I find that shirt?)

  4. Hey Pete! There’s always next time! The shirt is from…uummmmm…hold on…Shirt.Woot but it looks like it is not for sale at the present time. 🙁