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Girl on Hawaiian Beach

*My apologies if you’ve already seen and read this on Instagram.

Here’s the latest in OWTK’s Photos of Growing Up series, a series of posts that will be more prominent in 2015. Promise.

In the spaces between her flute practice, singing of improvisational nonsense songs, pleas for a snack, and playing pretend with her sister, in those narrow slivers of Zen like serenity, I can once again feel the unexpected coolness of the firmly packed sand of this Hawaiian beach on my bare knees as I crouched down to capture my oldest daughter studiously digging in the sand, unperturbed by the relentless tide approaching, unconcerned with the lateness of the hour, unaware of my presence a stone’s throw from her.

I’m reminded now, some two months after our afternoon on that big island beach, of the joy this girl finds in the process, in the work being done in the moment with no promises that what she might accomplish will last any longer than the time and space between the sound of the next wave to crash against the shore and its arrival at her line in the sand.

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  1. Very cool!
    You do have some beautiful pictures.

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