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frank and The Stinky Kid

frank Body Cocao

The brown bag of frank Body Scrub and a very excited stinkball.

Seven sweats. Seven reeks. Seven is also pretty damn adorable.

While I wrestle with the early onset adolescence of ten, I’ve been getting a big ol’ wiff of seven all. year. long. She smells like old gym socks at the end of every single school day, making daily showers mandatory. But as any parent knows, a daily shower mandate is akin to a POW camp sentence in the mind of a single digit kid. Thankfully, my little blonde monster is tight with my main man frank. With frank, she’s encouraged to make a ridiculous mess. With frank she gets hilariously filthy. With frank, getting immaculately clean is a joy not a chore.

We are a pro joy household.

The seven-year-old now enjoys after school special frank body scrub downs with cacao and coffee, the scent of which instantly turns our hallway bathroom into a back alley cafe, the kind of place with mismatched sofas and leather bound books lining shelves of oak. Our kind of place — warm, comforting, joyous. Somewhere, wood crackles and hisses inside a fireplace and a flame wiggles like a seven-year-old girl rinsing away her seven-year-old-ness.

frank Body reaction

Mouse cannot believe she is being allowed to get ‘dirty’ with frank Body Scrub in the shower for the first time.

frank Body feet

frank goes to work on the stinkiest part of seven.

Over the past couple of weeks, a gaggle of my dad bloggy buds have been scrubbing themselves (and their, um, wives…Aaron) up and down with frank Body Scrub and sharing their stories (and um, videos…Aaron…ChrisRick) because a lot of dudes, whether 27, 37 or 47, reek like even older gym socks. They obviously need frank’s help de-reek-tifying their persons so that their lady friends might be open to some after hours adult friendliness. I trust y’all know what I mean. Me? I’d simply like my kids to not smell like rotten eggs and feet. My priorities always have been a bit different than the crowd.

Jeff Bogle OWTK RealMenScrub frank Body

Still, I had to give it a shot myself. Not that I stink, because I am undoubtedly the cleanest man you’ll ever hope to meet, but because 7-year-old me was also giddy about the prospect of smearing frank all over in the shower. But before I could do it myself, I was greeted with a tiny visitor.

After a 3.5 mile run at gym this morning, I was surprised by a stinky little elf who told me that I needed some frank on my smelly feet. Well ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black! While still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she rubbed my cracked dry-skin bottom digits with a frank Coconut and Grapeseed Body Scrub that’s said to target stretch marks…which I, well, shut up! and the result, after I rinsed, were a pair of silky smooth feet.

An early morning post gym @frank_bod foot scrub by my little elf. #RealMenScrub @lifeofdad

A video posted by Jeff Bogle (@owtk) on

After she left giggling down the hall, I went to town with handfuls of frank, twice going over my belly which DOES NOT HAVE FAT-INDUCED STRETCH MARKS. Not only does my house smell like a bag of freshly ground coffee beans, my skin is still creamy hours after my frank shower this morning.

Get your man (and your goofy, smelly kids) a brown bag or two of all-natural frank Body Scrubs this Christmas.

I have partnered with Life of Dad and frank body for this promotion.   

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