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A Lock of Love on Mother’s Day with DIYZ

This project and story have been sponsored by the DIYZ® app. All opinions are honest and unbiased, as always.

There has been a house key stuck in the lock of our back door since the end of winter’s cruel chill.

I’ve wiggled.

I’ve shook.

I even begged on my knees.

I even tried to get the key out.

[Queue laugh track]

The relative safety of our small suburban neighborhood aided and abetted my nervousness to take matters into my own hands any further.

Not to sound like an annoying security alarm commercial, but every night we lay our heads down, my trepidation to take on even the simplest of DIY home repair put us at risk of a home invasion. There was an open invitation to any and all stuck on our back door—come on in, take what you’d like!

My wife hasn’t been happy about any of this.

She doesn’t get on my case much. We don’t have that stereotypical male/female relationship. There are no “honey-do” lists because my honey knows I haven’t been able to do it…whatever it may be. But, she really wanted that key out of that door and she really wanted me to handle it while she works and provides for our family.


The problem is, my dad didn’t teach me how to fix or build things when I was younger. He taught me how to write checks for people who can fix things, but he had more of a bankroll to cover his checks than I do.

You need help folding laundry, picking out the right set of curtains, or a room vacuumed like a well-manicured ballfield? I’m your guy. You need something in your home fixed? Lemme get that handyman directory for you. Or, now, let me help you download the free DIYZ app on your phone.


The boldness of youth can easily veer into pigheadedness, and I too was inflicted with the disease of stereotypical masculinity. I’ve changed for the better as I’ve grown-up into a fully formed adult and father. I’ve learned over the years that being independent doesn’t always mean not asking for help.


The DIYZ app blends the passion for giving it a go yourself with the option to video-chat with a licensed contractor via the Pro Advisor feature. Advisors are available from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM ET Monday through Friday. On weekends, DIYZ advisors are available to help tackle projects from 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM ET. The DIYZ app was made for guys like me.


For Mother’s Day this year, my wife will be getting restful sleep, free of worry because my girls and I replaced the back door lockset with how-to videos, step-by-step instructions and the easy option to purchase all our tools directly in the app via Amazon.


The feeling that washed over me as I stood there by the back door, as the mid-day spring sun warmed my smiling face, as my daughters looked up at me with mild amazement over the fact that their dad actually fixed something…correctly…was unfamiliar, but addictive. I want to do more around the house, because I want to feel that feeling more often, and I know I can because DIYZ is in my pocket.


If you want to turn an old tree stump into a lovely planter, replace an interior door, make a beer flight paddle, install a dishwasher or nearly anything in and around your home, download the DIYZ app. Peruse their massive library of projects and get to work without fear. The best part? The DIYZ app is free to download and is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. For a limited time, even the video-chat feature is free!

If I can do it with the DIYZ app, literally ANYONE can be their own handyman this Mother’s Day or any day of the year.

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