The Sad State of Road Trip Food

The busiest travel weekend of the year is upon us here in the States!

Be safe out there on the road to and from your Thanksgiving celebrations, use your turn signals, don’t be a dickwad to your fellow traveler, and try to eat good while in the car. I know this is difficult, because while road trips are fun…they are right?…I mean, they can be, until it comes times to get your eat on because roadside food is, with very few exceptions, foul. Foul that’s fried and placed in a bag.

I hit up the store before our whirlwind Chicago road trip last week and bought enough rations to survive a nuclear fallout in an underground bunker. We were gone for only 4+ days and we did not have a small village in our traveling party yet there it is, our massive lot o’ munchies. And what’s not pictured are Ziploc (okay, not really, I bought the generic version to save 17 cents and dammit is it hard to get those things sealed!) bags with dry LIFE and Cheerios cereal. Everything though, in boxes and bags. Nothing fresh because fresh doesn’t do well in the confines of a car, not even the spiffy Prius V, for hours upon hours, day after day. Would carrot sticks have been better than Z Bars? Sure, on day one. But talk to me in the middle of day 3 when the carrots have gone limp and the kids are freaking out hungry. Exactly.

And did we hit up a Steak ‘n Shake in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. Hells yeah.

Safe travels. Good eating. Happy Holidays.

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  1. Yeah we used to pack healthy stuff in vain hope that our kids would eat it “Who’s for… Babycorn Sticks! Apple!”, then gave up when there were invariably no takers! So we’re same as you now – cereal, granols bar things and a stop-off at somewhere tasty to keep the spirits up! Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh man, Chris, I’m getting the image (and smell) of finding a babycorn stick wedged between the seat and the buckle, that idiotic space all cars have. Yuck! Happy holidays to you as well, my friend!

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