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Your Last Chance to Talk Bums and Win A Trip to the 2014 Dad 2.0 Summit

Alright, fellas. I’ve been telling ya and tweeting @ ya for a month now about the funtastic #LetsTalkBums haiku campaign that’s already netted 5 dudes a total of $1000 in prize money — a cool grand, y’all — and will eventually send one of those hip cats, or one of the 2 unknown poetic soldiers still to be named, on an all-expense-paid trip to New Orleans in January 2014 for the Dad 2.0 Summit. Check out the winning haiku from last week, from @andimthedad — super simple, super clever!

So I know how public radio fundraising goes, our local station WHYY has been doing it for what seems like 6 weeks now. People wait until the end. Procrastinate, we do. But the end is nigh! On Monday, November 4th we will pick two more winners, the final two, and then it is over. Kapute. Fini. Done.

Your last chance to win an easy $200 to buy your kid some holiday gifts, a massive heirloom grass-fed Thanksgiving turkey, or a gym membership for yourself is right. freaking. now. You have from today until Sunday afternoon, the 3rd of November, to write some bathroom-related haiku on TWO winners will each win $200 and be entered into the drawing (with brilliant odds — a 1 in 7 chance!) for the trip to Dad 2.0 in New Orleans. The grand prize winner will be announced on 11/6. ENTER NOW! Did I mention the free trip to New Freakin’ Orleans?

You don’t need to be a Twitter superstar to win this thing. Most of the guys picked so far have under 200 followers. You need only to be on Twitter and have a desire to spend a weekend in New Orleans with some terrific people, myself included!

Fire off your best haiku in the #LetsTalkBums #Haiku Contest today.

*I’ve been compensated by Kimberly Clark to participate in this campaign. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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