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Introducing A Kindie Rock Gamechanger: Todd & Cookie’s Catapult of Destiny

He’d bristle at the notion of this being even remotely factual, but it is indeed that. So bristle away:

Todd McHatton is the most in-demand artist in the kindie music community.

I hereby dub him THE COLLABORATOR.

He has worked with puppets, monsters, Morgan Taylor of Gustafer Yellowgold as UNDERBIRDS, and now Mista Cookie Jar (and, I have super top secret information on a number of additional collaborations in progress between McHatton and a variety of other popular, well known, and established-in-their-own-right kindie artists. But my lips are sealed. Sorry.)

Todd and Cookie Header Image

The new Todd & Cookie project is far more than just great music though. These two peace, love, and awesomesauce SoCal dudes will be releasing a series of online comic books, cartoons, 3-song packs, and lord only knows what else over the coming months. As you can tell from the audio and visual teaser below, Todd & Cookie’s Catapult of Destiny is not your standard kiddie rock fare. This is psychedelic goodness like those whacked-out cartoons we parents in our mid-to-late 30’s might remember from our own childhood. With a sober dash of Cheech & Chong thrown into this vegan musical stew for very good measure.

Check ’em out on Facebook and stay tuned to the Monkey House show on Sirius XM Kids Place Live (Channel 78) on Tuesday, September 24th at 8 ET / 5 PT for the official unveiling of the music and the premiere of the first cartoon. I’ve seen it already and it. is. epic. Kid’s music will never ever be the same again. You heard it here first.

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