Introducing Catch, The Dad-centric E-Zine From Cooper & Kid

I’m very excited to introduce to you Catch, the brand new e-zine written by dads and for dads (and for the crazy loons who love us). Catch is the blog platform companion to Cooper & Kid, the clever new mail-order Dad/Child activity kit (think Loot Crate for families.)

I will be handling Arts & Entertainment for Catch, while my pal Drew Bennett tackles Toys & Playtime. Other fine fellas will be delivering content on food & cooking, exercise, life changes, and more. Big things are expected!

My 2nd post is up today, and I think it is pretty damn good. Keep in mind, I generally think the opposite of my writing so it means something for me to say that about this post. Please check it out, and poke around in all of the sections on Catch if you’ve got a moment to spare.

Then bookmark the site and keep your eyes peeled for A&E content from me every 10 days on average. This is gonna be awesome.

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