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The Worth of Children’s Music

I’ve made several arguments in defense of children’s music here and there over the 7 years I’ve been writing Out With The Kids, and I continue to be outwardly critical of the shortcomings in the genre, but Zooglobble’s recently published manifesto on the topic slays the dragon with a measured tact I simply do not possess. I have an impossibly difficult time keeping my emotions in check and at bay my anger at parents who purposely deprive their children of developing a relationship with this music that respects their unique perspective on the world and honors the childhood experience.

You really must spend the 5-10 minutes required to read and absorb what Stefan is saying in his post. Regardless of your position on the subject matter at hand, that of music made with kids in mind, and regardless of your role in that world — parent/musician/freelance writer/promoter/etc — you will be forced to think and possibly to reconsider your previously held notions about the worth of such art.

Please go spend some time with the Zooglobble Kindie Manifesto. Then listen to some of the music that inspired it. My monthly music podcast can help in that department.

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