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A Kindie Rock Internship Opportunity

Spare the Rock Family Photo

Who wouldn’t want to work with these adorable people?

Ashley of The Jimmies once fired up the bat signal in hopes of locating an intern, but other than that lone NYC-centric chance to be butler to the most entrepreneurial of kindie folk, opportunities to be directly involved in the back-end of the kindie machine are few and far between.

And then there is this fantastic chance:

Be an intern for the world’s premiere family music terrestrial radio show & podcast, Spare the Rock Spoil the Child. That’s right! You can work with the one and only Bill Childs to help get that show on the air at radio stations across the country, nay, world. Help procure sponsors for the show. And, possibly, assist with the release of the new Terrible Twos album that’ll sport the Spare the Rock Records logo.

The internship is unpaid and will last for the summer of 2013. It is open to folks in all locations, despite Bill residing in Austin, TX. The experiences gained will be unmeasurable. The music you’ll hear will be top-notch.

Interested? Get in touch with Bill Childs directly at show@sparetherock.com.

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