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Get To Know Me On Apartment Therapy (sorry for the rhyme)

Jeff Bogle Dressed Up for Playtime with Camera Flash

Here I am dressed up for playtime last night with the girls. I was the goo-gee-goo-gee-yum-yum-yum monster who was using disguises to infiltrate their fortress. That kinda sums me-as-a-dad up nicely.

Hello Apartment Therapy readers! Welcome to my humble chateau on the internet. Poke around if you’ve got a minute, or like Out With The Kids on Facebook for easy reference later on. I’ve got the inside scoop, generally speaking, on the best of modern indie kid’s music, movie news, badass toy reviews, and some parenting zingers thrown in too. And I swear I keep the terrible rhyme making to a minimum.

Here, here and here are some of my favorite recent parenting-related posts, for your perusal.

OWTK fans! Head on over to Apartment Therapy to find out more about me — things like: what my favorite toy was as a kid, what’s the perfect time spent with my daughters, what websites I frequent most frequently, and more insightful goodies.

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