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Star Trek KRE-O Construction Sets – A New Fan Goes Into Darkness

KRE-O Star Trek Construction Sets – A Review

by Cooper McHatton

star trek kre-o

I apologize for the title, but I couldn’t resist.

Ok, so I’m a geek. I have a fairly deep (or deep enough) knowledge of most “geeky” things: technology, gaming, role playing, sci-fi, fantasy… et cetera, along with all of the sub categories: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, DnD, and on and on. I have, of course, missed a few things along the way. Things I simply haven’t had the time to dive into. Things that I know I’d love. One of those things is Star Trek. Yeah, I’ve seen the J.J. Abrams films along with scattered episodes of the original series (and that movie, the one with the whales) and loved them all, but I never put in the time for a deep dive. Starting with the new Star Trek KRE-O construction sets, now is the time to rectify this oversight.

To begin this review, let’s start with where the building adventure itself starts: the packaging. Hasbro did something correct here, a number of things actually.

First off, the “face” of the boxes lift up so the box becomes sort of a tray to hold the bricks in. When I open LEGOs I usually cut the front open to have the same effect, so not having to get down and dirty with my scissors is quite nice!

kre-o inside box

Second, the two larger sets have handles built in to the box that also lock it closed when the box is carried. The boxes are of very sturdy cardboard so they can actually act as carrying cases if you wish.

Thirdly, each Kreon figure is individually bagged separate from the rest of the bricks in the set. This allows kids (or adults) to take out the figures without having to worry about losing any of the piles of loose bricks.

kre-o bagged kreons

Lastly for the packaging, I’d just like to point out the warning that’s on the front of every box.

kre-o fantasy situation

You probably want to get to the toys by this point. Fair enough. Let’s talk about the sets now.

KRE-O Star Trek Transporter Trouble

KRE-O Star Trek Transporter Trouble Construction Set (A3140)


The smallest set I’m reviewing, Transporter Trouble, consists of a Star Trek transporter with a cool Lighttech effect, Scotty, and a Klingon.


The Scotty and Klingon Kreon figures both look very good, matching their on screen counterparts closely while keeping with the unique KRE-O aesthetic. The ball jointed legs and arms have a great range of movement, and the phaser and bat’leth are both excellent pieces and add to the figures immensely. Not to mention the awesome rubbery Klingon head! However, I do have one issue here. The plastic around my Scotty’s left leg has already been worn enough where the leg flops around limply and is easily popping off (of course Kreon limbs snap on and off, but this one continuously falls off.) I have barely moved the legs around on this particular figure, so I worry about the quality and how long he’ll hold together.

The bulk of this set is made up of the transporter. One side is fashioned to look like the inside of the Enterprise while the other is made to look like an alien planet with a few columns. The Kreon figures can be “teleported” between the sides by flipping a transparent wall around attached to a small piece of flooring on which a Kreon figure stands. Once a small slider on the floor is pushed forward, the character flips to the other side of the wall very quickly and a small flash of light emits from the floor. It gives a very accurate illusion of teleportation. (see video below.)

scotty fighting klingon

The build is very solid and looks good. It seems to me that this set would also make a nice display stand for the Kreon figures. Don’t know if I or anyone else would actually use it as such, but it’s worth a thought.

Overall, the KRE-O Star Trek Transporter Trouble is very solid set. If a fan wants a transporter they can build, this one will most certainly do the job.


KRE-O Star Trek Klingon Bird-of-Prey Construction Set (A3136)

kreon bird of prey

The Klingon Bird-of-Prey is the mid-priced set of the trio. It contains the aforementioned Klingon Bird-of-Prey ship, two Klingons, Uhura, and Captain Kirk in a very stylish jacket.

kreon kirk coatkreon uhura

The Klingon Kreon figures are the same as the one included in Transporter Trouble, except this time one has a bat’leth and one has a gun. Kreon Captain Kirk in his black coat looks nice, though it’s a bit less iconic than the Kirk included with the U.S.S. Enterprise. Uhura is the lone female of the entire Star Trek KRE-O line and looks fine as well. Both Kirk and Uhura are equipped with phasers.

The Klingon Bird-of-Prey ship is a solid model. There is a LightTech feature in the cockpit to make it light up and there is a storage area for the Klingons to put their weapons. The wings of the ship have a decent amount of flexibility — they fold and flap well and have small missiles on the ends.

Note: the sides of the Bird-of-Prey tend to snap off when flying it about. It’s not a huge issue, but it can be frustrating.

Overall, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey is a quality set, but is not my favorite of the three. I’d recommend it if a Star Trek fan wants a vehicle for the bad guys to fly around in or wants Uhura in their crew.

Hasbro Kre-O Star Trek USS Enterprise box

KRE-O Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Construction Set (A3137)

enterprise kreo

The big one. The icon. The glorious U.S.S. Enterprise. What a set!

The KRE-O U.S.S. Enterprise is amazing. It includes the Enterprise itself, Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, and two specialist Kreon figures all with phasers (except for Dr. McCoy, who has what I think is a Tricorder).

kre-o kirkkre-o spockkre-o mccoykre-o specialists

The Kreon figures of Captain Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy are all epic. Spock’s pointed ears can make even the most mild of Trekkies grin.

The finished ship looks INCREDIBLE. It’s marvelous: the angles, they way it feels in the hand, everything is fantastic! The LightTech features are rather remarkable here, adding much to the Star Trek toy experience. There is also spring launching missile on the bottom of the Enterprise that adds a nice play feature and works far better than the ones on the Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

The inside of the ship is the bridge. Especially considering the shape of the outside of the ship, it’s amazing how big it is on the inside. It’s not overly detailed, but it does the job.

kre-o enterprise bridge

This set does have one issue though: There are a handful of key pieces that tend to pop-off and disconnect from the model, namely the pieces that make up the walls of the exterior of the interior (you follow?) remove themselves from the floor and ceiling. The ship still holds together fine even when it has large cracks along it’s sides, but it certainly is a bit less sturdy than I’d like for a set at this lofty pricepoint.

I should just stop here though, because the sheer awesomeness of the KRE-O U.S.S. Enterprise far outweighs the faults that could be seen. Even though I have cursed they sky while repeatedly trying to reconnect certain pieces, the happiness beamed into the holder of the ship while flying it around makes my curses null and void.

I highly recommend the KRE-O Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise set to Star Trek fans of any age. If you consider yourself a Trekky and have the means and the whereabouts, get this set (on sale for $20 off from Amazon right now!). Whether you want to fly it around in circles and make yourself giddily dizzy like I did or proudly display it on a shelf, even with it’s small frustrations, it’s an absolute must have.

Final Thoughts

Besides the obvious questions that we could all ponder like, “if these movies are not made for kids, why are the toys marketed to kids?” and “are young kids seeing these movies?” just know that the Star Trek KRE-O sets are terrific. I’d say they are for fans ages 7+ including adult fans and collectors.

Some kids older than 7 will likely need help constructing these Star Trek KRE-O sets, and once they are built, they are fragile. Children younger than seven may still enjoy playing with the sets and figures, but building will be a challenge. They are all great fun however, and are worth any frustrations in construction or repair.

*OWTK received the KRE-O Star Trek sets discussed above for review consideration. The opinions expressed here are honest and unbiased, as always. This review also contains affiliate links.

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