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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man 3 LEGO Set Reviews

LEGO Iron Man 3 Poster

LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man 3 LEGO Set Reviews

by Cooper McHatton

Three days at Disneyland, three trips to the LEGO Store! Fully stocked on the shelves was the entire Iron Man 3 LEGO lineup. I was in heaven, inside heaven. There they were, in their shiny red packaging with all sorts of explosions, relatively affordable prices, and tiny Tony Stark minifigs. They called out and screamed my name. I was helpless but to answer, with my credit card in hand.

We were in the Disney area for three days and each day I bought another set. I couldn’t resist. This was the first time in a long while I had spent chunks of money on LEGOs (I usually ask for sets for my birthday and Christmas and occasionally buy small sets. So three sets in three days felt awfully decadent). I have zero buyer’s remorse. Zilch. Nil. None.

LEGO has done an incredibly spectacular job with the three Iron Man 3 sets, and I must share my love of them with you here.

LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown (76008)

It all started on the first night with Iron Man vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown. It is quite a cool set with two minifigures included, Iron Man in unique armor and the Mandarin a bit ruffed up from battle (well, he is cape-less and sleeveless). While Iron Man and the Mandarin appear in the other sets, these are two completely unique versions, which makes this a target set for anyone wanting a complete set of characters.

The model that makes up this set is the Mandarin’s armored car. Now, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but at the moment, this little green golf cart of doom seems really strange. Awesome in it’s own unique way, but highly silly.

All things considered, this set is a great impulse buy for kids looking for an adventure and fans who want all the many armors of Iron Man.

LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle (76006)

Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle was the last set I bought on my LEGO spending spree, but hey, I wanted to review them in order of price. This set seems to encompass a scene in which Aldrich Killian (one of the bad guys) is riding around on a green motor boat while Iron Man and War Machine chase him.

For me, the clear highlight of this set is War Machine. He uses the same helmet mold as Iron Man, but in his color scheme. In addition, he is beefed up with some kind of giant laser doohickey on his back. Most of all though, LEGO sets are notoriously known for not varying much in the racial department, so it’s really nice to see Rhodey, a ‘LEGO of color,’ under the mask.

Other than War Machine, Extremis Sea Port Battle comes with Iron Man in the same armor as in Malibu Mansion Attack (which I’m going to talk about next) and Aldrich Killian. Iron Man (as always) looks excellent. Being able to lift up the mask to see Stark’s face is pretty sweet. Also Aldrich Killian is a very nice fig, and looks crazy evil. He’s in a stylish suit and has an alternate facial expression with some crazy red eyes.

The boat that makes up the set is a really sweet. It’s surprisingly spacious and has a couple cool features (hidden deck and some little hidden missile launchers). The color scheme is really attractive too, same goes for the controls. The bottom has some smooth “boat” plates that allow for nice gliding on carpet. The whole set is sturdy and highly playable (although I’m not sure what the little red buoy is for. Overall a very nice build with some truly EPIC minifigs.

LEGO Super Heroes Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack (76007)

Now this. This is what made me want to write a review for these sets in the first place. Just wow. This is one of the best LEGO set designs I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot of LEGOs). It has a wonderful blend of building and battle with an all star cast of characters.

As far as minifigs go, we have Iron Man in the same armor as Extremis Sea Port Battle, the Mandarin (looking a bit more regal than in the Ultimate Showdown set), and a fairly generic Extremis Soldier (who has a glow in the dark head and extra angry eyes). The two most crazy awesome figs in the set though are Tony Stark (without his suit) and Pepper Potts. These are fantastic minifigs that perfectly mirror their on screen counterparts while throwing in the LEGO flair (it should be noted that in the Iron Man suit is just a white placeholder piece so Tony or Pepper actually has to put on the suit.)

The Malibu Mansion Attack set itself is made up of a Mandarin helicopter and Tony Stark’s humble seaside abode. The helicopter works is nice, and while it’s not the best helicopter LEGO has made, it certainly does the job just fine (even if there are no controls in the cockpit — hello, attention to detail??)

What really makes this set stand out for me though is the Malibu Mansion. While obviously not his complete house (the set would have to have been way too huge) it has more than everything you need to either throw LEGO dinner parties, launch attacks on villains, or just tinker with pretend technology. The house is made up of a small kitchen area, giant rounded windows, Tony Stark’s work space (with a rotating table and floating screens), and a minimal Hall of Armors with room for two suits. The house features a number of exploding features so the Mandarin’s helicopter can blow up stuff. They work well, but are also concealed well enough where they can be ignored.

Also the set just looks super nice. The angles in the mansion are really impressive as it captures a very nice, high class, modern home feel while the helicopter is chunky and looks evil.

Though I’ve already said why I love this set so much, let me say it again. The set comes with all the necessary things to play house with Pepper Potts and Tony Stark, to create fantastic superhero battles, or anywhere in between. The playability here is absolutely fantastic for any kind of kid who likes Iron Man. For me, the set was a must buy for the Tony and Pepper minifigs alone, but there is enough going on here where I’d recommend it to anyone who loves LEGO.

All Together Now!

Together these sets make a stellar series. Each one is priced very nicely (compared to other LEGO) and they all suit each other perfectly. Each set stands on it’s own without feeling the need to get the other ones. I pat LEGO on the back for creating such an awesome line of sets. If you know a kid (or adult!) who loves LEGO and/or superheroes, I cannot recommend these Iron Man 3 sets enough.


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IRON MAN 3 hits U.S. theaters on May 3, 2013.

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