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Meet The 2013 Grammy Nominees

I might not be a math hero, but I can calculate that the kindie music world has exactly an 80% chance of victory in Los Angeles this weekend. One of these four terrific family artists — Okee Dokee Brothers, The Pop Ups, Elizabeth Mitchell, Bill Harley — is likely to take home top prize at the 2013 Grammy Awards. While I hold the belief that the Okee Dokee Brothers’ Can You Canoe? is the best family album of this, or any, year. The smart money is on Liz Mitchell.

I will be there, in LaLa Land, to witness it all and document the weekend as best I can. Look for my red carpet-themed, post-Grammy post to post on Monday. Post, post, post, post!!

For now, get cozy with the kindie nominees on Time Out New York Kids.

And listen to the Grammy Awards special edition of the OWTK podcast to hear more from the nominees.

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