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The 2013 Grammy Nominations for Best Children’s Album

**Post-Grammy Update**

Huge congrats to the Okee Dokee Brothers for winning the 2013 Grammy Award (55th Annual Grammys) for Best Children’s Album. Their masterwork, Can You Canoe?, also took the top prize in the usually way more plugged-in Fids & Kamily Awards, marking the first time the Grammys and the online poll of family music critics have been in synch.


Last year, I took to YouTube to lambast the Grammy voters for nominated a lot of CDs that did not, in any way, reflect the quality of, or the shift in, the world of modern family music. I was upset equally for the artists not nominated as I was for the missed opportunity to tell the world our story, kindie’s story.

The nominations for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards were announced last night and I knew they were coming, we all did.  I retired to bed without even checking to see the lucky names, because the rancid taste of last year was still in my mouth. But, much to my wondering eyes would appear but four out of five from this world I cover and support and love! Not sure if it’s a Christmas Miracle, technically speaking, but it is just about as surprising as one. Here are the nominations for Best Children’s Album of 2012:

The Okee Dokee Brothers Can You Canoe?
The Pop Ups Radio Jungle
Bill Harley High Dive
Elizabeth Mitchel And You Are My Flower Little Seed: Songs For Children By Woody Guthrie
JumpinJazz Kids A Swinging Jungle Tale

I freely admit to having never heard of the final selection, but holy hell, would ya look at those top 4! I’m on record as calling Can You Canoe? the greatest album for families ever made, so to see that one on this Grammy nomination list fills me with joy, and The Pop Ups, Mr. Harley, and Mrs. Mitchell? Damn if that doesn’t feel wonderful too. Congrats to all of those talented and passionate souls, I know that you each are in this racket for the right reasons, and that you happily fill homes with beauty, grace, and quality music for kids and their grown-ups.  Thank you.

There is a story to tell here. Now, to convince some people that they WANT to hear it.

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