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Voted Down: 3rd Grade Student Council Blues

We had no idea there was one. And no idea she was interested in it.

After the dust settled and the votes were counted, the Bear came up a bit short in her bid to win her first ever Student Council seat. I took that information in, I did, and responded in some way to it while we drove home from school last Thursday afternoon, but I was still attempting to get my head around the fact that she, my oldest daughter who never ever ever wants the spotlight to shine on her outside the safety and comfort of our home, nominated herself in the first place to provide a meaningful should to cry on.

The Bear? Putting herself up for a vote? Get the hell out of here.

But yes, she, along with 72% of her classmates, threw their proverbial hats into the ring for the single council seat. The Bear made the final 5 but was ousted then, eventually losing to her best friend, who is now the backup/1st alternate, and her arch nemesis (too strong, probably, but funny, no?).  She is the Dennis Kucinich of 3rd grade politics.

Considering that far fewer of those kids will likely be interested in student government in the coming years, and even fewer still will bother to cast their own votes as active citizens of our country, the 72% rate of interest might be the most shocking bit of news coming out of the Bear’s 3rd grade classroom. There’s hope in that number.

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