OWTK Philly Local: Me and Philly Kids Thing

You know, I almost started to wonder about where I actually live.

I’ve been so fortunate to have written for a number of publications and websites with deep roots in New York City, that I often find myself wishing my roots were there as well. Finally though, a Philly-based site has hired me to dish on, yes, kid’s music, but wait…there’s more! My first piece for Philly Kids Thing, in fact, is about sublime stuff to do WITHOUT kids. How’s that for turning tables? Check out my three cupid-approved itineraries for a blissful Valentine’s Day evening in the city.

And then, be on the look out for more from me there, with posts featuring the prime cuts of Philadelphia’s kindie rock steak each month, some ‘hood pieces on our favorite places to eat out as a family, and more, more, more!

I am very excited to be on board with this terrific website. So go, check out Philly Kids Thing now!

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