OWTK PHILLY LOCAL: A Dad’s Guide To The World Cafe Live Kid’s Concerts

Can I be totally honest with you for a minute?  I am having an absolute ball writing for the new Philly parenting and event website, Philly Kids Thing. My first piece for them, covering three brilliant Valentine’s Day / Weekend itineraries in the city sans children, gave me the chance to dish on grown-up bands I love and candlelit tables perfect for holding hands. Each idea contained within is designed to reaffirm or rekindle your love, whichever you and your partner are in need of the most this Valentine’s Day.

Now, my latest for Philly Kids Thing is a top to bottom primer on taking your kids to see a concert at the World Cafe Live Philly.  The series of kids shows there is called Peanut Butter & Jams, and it is great, but the University City area might not be well worn terrain for some families eager to inject some authentic live music into their little one’s life, and, along the way, discover and then revel in the current Golden Age of Family Music in which we are so blessed to be living through at this time.

So, I cover parking, tickets, food, seating, and even where and when to hit the potty. Read up, then go to see a show!

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