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Free Christmas Music For Kids: The OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast Christmas Special

12-12-12 and not a moment too soon. Before the world ends, I’ve published a supersized Christmas music special of the OWTK podcast. 20 songs of kindie holiday goodness from names you know and names you don’t (or may not), but will soon!

If you need fresh free original Christmas music for your kids, you are in luck. Download the free kid’s Christmas music podcast here or stream it below.

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The OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly 2012 Christmas Special Playlist

  • Brady Rymer “Untangling the Christmas Lights”
  • The Hipwaders “Tinsel & Lights”
  • Brady Rymer “Trim The Tree”
  • The Not-Its! “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree”
  • Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band “Under The Tree”
  • The Hipwaders “Wake Up”
  • Mista Cookie Jar “Robot For XMas”
  • The Jimmies “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas”
  • Stacey Peasley “Under The Tree”
  • The Flannery Brothers “Holiday Lights”
  • Todd McHatton “Santa Flying In Your Sleigh”
  • Johnny Bregar “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”
  • Poochamungas “Santa’s Eating Pancakes”
  • Renee & Jeremy “Sunny Christmas”
  • Sunshine Collective “Our Winter Wonderland”
  • Sugar Free Allstars “Funky Christmas”
  • Lars Edegran and his Santa Claus Revelers (featuring Big Al Carson) “Frosty The Snowman”
  • Clementown “Funky Snowman”
  • Todd McHatton “A Plate Of Cookies (Yes We Believe)”
  • Billy Kelly “Let’s Make Christmas Last”

Buy some of this great music straight from the artists:

Lot of the songs I played can be found on the fantastic kindie compilation album called Kris Kindie that I did the album cover art for:

McHatton’s Christmas album is now up to 11 tunes, for just $1.99!

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