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Quick Thoughts: Aw Yeah, Homework!

As a student with a > 85% composite grade, she needn’t do her homework, but, she should be doing her homework, ya know?

The Bear has been developing piss-poor homework-doing habits over the past few weeks, and my on-purpose habit of not helicoptering about my children isn’t doing her any favors in this regard.  I am not, it would seem, doing enough to help get her express train back on track. That paragraph may or may not have been sponsored by the Department of Transportation.

During back to school / meet the teacher night in mid-September, I learned that 3rd graders and up who are holding an 85% or higher grade are not required to actually do the homework assigned to them.  Progressive, modern, bat shit crazy — take your pick of adjectives. And also, hello! Where was that rule when I was in school?! Oh snap, nevermind, this go-ahead-and-skip-your-homework policy wouldn’t have helped this sub-85% perpetual underachiever.

The Bear doesn’t know about her school’s policy, and I have zero intention of telling her, but her post-school day homework routine that was set in stone for the past couple of years (albeit stone that, it turns out, was far more pliable than previously thought) has turned to rubble thanks to 1) the beautiful fall weather (playing outside), 2) her eagerness to reunite and play with her sister, and 3) Tiny Titans comics — her newest literary obsession. And I mean obsession!

The poop hit the fan late last night when the Bear told the Mrs. about the three sheets of homework given to her on Friday, none of which she’d completed.  Or started.  In other news, bedtime was a freakin’ hoot!

This afternoon, I am determined to sit her ass down at the kitchen table immediately upon returning home from school — that is, after a quick pit stop to ogle the Skylanders Giants figures and accessories that are BOGO 40% Off right now at Toys-r-Us…what? — to get her work done before having one second of fun after the fun we’ll have in the toy store. Oh what ever happened to my prowess at being Bad Cop? I just wanna play & have fun!

The Bear doesn’t have a binder full of women, she’s got a binder full of homework.  And together, we’re going to get this ship righted. Seriously, what is with the modes of transportation references?

Short attention span diversion: Readeez “Modes of Transportation” video below.  fun, Fun, FUN!

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