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Watch This: Lunch Money “Come Over To My Dollhouse” (Fan Video)

A couple weeks back, the girls and I sat in on the live Lunch Money concert at Sirius/XM Kids Place Live in Washington D.C. The band was great, as always, and we especially enjoyed hearing some new tracks, specifically “You Were My Basket Of Flowers” (swoon), a song I played on the July episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast (download that for free on iTunes!).

After the set, folks mingled, people bought lots and lots of Lunch Money CDs (yay!), and one family had Absolutely Mindy and the band *perform* for a homemade video project of theirs — the result of which is now live on YouTube and is pretty damn rad.

Enjoy The Gimbel Family fan video for “Come Over To My Dollhouse” by Lunch Money (w/ special guest Secret Agent 23 Skidoo):

The song is just one of the many highlights from the band’s ridiculously great 2010 album “Original Friend”. I assume you’ll love it as much as we do, so here’s a quick and easy link to buy it for a $1 (the song of course, the whole album download is bargain at $8.99)

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