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Watch This: Birdie’s Playhouse “Iguana Wants to Baila” Kid’s Music Video

I get oodles of emails every week from children’s musicians sending me links to songs and videos to sample and, potentially, write about here on OWTK.  Just this morning I clicked on the new music video from Birdie Mendoza’s Birdie’s Playhouse and the Mouse, who was chillin’ in bed playing on the iPad and snuggling up next to Mommy, immediately stopped what she was doing and became fixated on my laptop from across the room.  And that was BEFORE the handsome papa iguana and his stylish ‘stache came on the screen.

I carried the computer over to her and together we watched, smiled, and shimmied (the Latin groove is infectious) for the duration of the part-live action/part-animated video featuring a dancing baby iguana (really, could there be anything a 4 year old girl who recently fell in love with Flamenco dancing while in Barcelona would love more?).

Enjoy “Iguana Wants to Baila” then grab a free download (below) of the song from Birdie’s Playhouse:

Birdie has a new album in the works due later this year with guests Mike Schmid and Omar Torrez (Tom Waits 2008 touring guitarist).

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