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iPad App for Kids Review: Happipets

A versatile letter recognition-cum-art design app that is as eye-candy-delicious as it is finger-licking-good.  How odd, I wasn’t even a teensy bit hungry as I typed that opening sentence.  Hmmm.  Oh, and kids, don’t lick your fingers whilst playing on your papa’s iPad.  K?  Moving right along…

The multifaceted Happipets iPad game delivers a dozen spelling exercises with an animalistic alphabet, but even better than that, and what my girls spend most your their time doing with this app, is transforming over 140 fuzzy, spotted, and slithering ABCs into animals, called Happipets, or buildings or anything your child’s imagination can conjure.

For Happipet construction, there’s a help button that will quickly show how each is assembled to guide the child (or parent! I end up requiring the most assistance…but then again I’m quite the dullard).  The app allows for photo taking and for sharing, which is a must for such a creative endeavor.

Here’s a couple of the Mouse’s early Happipets artist output, her Fresh Water period if you will:

Building Happipets with an assorted lot of zany letter shapes, rotating/resizing/inverting/stretching them, has a bit of a zen-like quality to it.  There is a certain peacefulness to this application that allows for creative expression while sneaking in some educational content on the sly.   What is brilliant is that young children will see letters in a new way, and be able to physically touch, alter, and interact with the alphabet like never before (possibly).  The Happipets iPad app could be outstanding tool in the cognitive development (look at me getting all knowledgeable and stuff) of kids ages 2-6.  Also, from a special needs/alternate learning style standpoint, Happipets may become an extremely useful part of the educational process.

No matter how you use Happipets – for fun or for education or for meditation – it is a bargain at $1.99.  Download it now.

*OWTK received a promo code for “Happipets” for review consideration.  The opinions above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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