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iOS App Review: Wipeout

WIPEOUT for iPad/iPhone
by Cooper McHatton

There is a level of difficulty in Wipeout iOS that targets an older audience, but with that kind of finger-swiping challenge comes a whole other level of fun, making it one of the best new games on the App Store.

Wipeout iOS involves playing through 2D platformer obstacle courses inspired by the hit TV show. There are plenty of levels that are all really well designed and complex, which makes it quite lengthy. The controls are unique and interesting. The visuals are superb and incredibly fun, and the ragdoll physics add a terrific element of humor. On top of all that, the game also features robust sharing features and replay videos that extend the laughs. Wipeout is excellent in presentation, level design, and quality. And this makes it a must buy for any gamer who also likes the television program that inspired the game.

And here comes the caveat: There are a couple of things parents should know before downloading this one for their kids. While it’s not technically violent, the whole point of Wipeout is watching the characters, well, wipeout!  Some parents may not approve of their children beating up on these digital folks. The other important thing is that in order to unlock items and additional levels in the game, players must accumulate “smallsy coins” and “ballsy bucks” which are earned by replaying earlier levels or bought through in-app purchases. The rapidly escalating difficulty will turn off younger and/or less determined players as it will take a long while to play enough levels to unlock anything at all. For the unskilled or less patient player especially, getting the most out of Wipeout will require in-app purchases with real money to buy fake money to buy virtual things to continue in the game.  And I don’t know about you, but that kind of thing never sits well with me.  I like spending my money on real things.

Wipeout iOS is an incredibly fun, addicting game that is well worth it’s $1.99 price tag (though I wouldn’t say it’s worth those plus in-app purchases). Just keep in mind for younger kids that it will get frustrating trying to advance in the game. While anyone can have fun playing it, it’s probably best suited for those nine and older.

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