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App For Kids Review: Toca Tailor

In a very crowded closet, choke-full of dress-up apps — and some very terrific ones at that (see: Paper Town, a golden oldie that desperately needs an update to stay relevant) — Toca Tailor arrives today as a most elegant evening gown, hung with care from a velvet hanger.

Toca Boca’s latest, and by far their greatest app for kids (and that hyperbole is saying something,) is straight from the boutique and will quickly make all others of its ilk appear god-awful homely.

Within this tailor’s shop, your child will design entire ensembles using swatches, photos, and embellishments.  Not to mention the footwear options!  Lest you think the great Toca Boca would saddle you with a banal paint-by-number style of dress-up activity game.  Oh no, not here, in Toca Tailor your child has complete control over the patterns on their workspace.  They can splice, layer, and create an impossible-to-count number of combinations, then take photos of their apparel creations on boys, girls, and adorable animals (in typical Toca style) using real life surroundings as background.  Super duper rad!

The base outfits themselves are plentiful and can too be adjusted — make the sleeves (or just one!) longer/shorter, lengthen the hem of the dresses, or pull up the shirts to reveal a belly, there is nothing you cannot alter here! Toca’s tailoring outpost is authentic and charming in equal measure.

Toca Tailor is one of the finest apps I’ve ever seen and used.  It is stunning to look at, easy to play with, brilliantly pulled off, and so much fun to play…for creative kids and their artsy at-home dads.

Download Toca Tailor right now, for a special introductory price of $.99.  It’ll be the best dollar you spend this month, or next.

Visit the Toca Tailor website to share your clothing creations using social media sites and #hashtags — you know how it all works these days.

*OWTK received a free advance download of Toca Tailor for review consideration.  The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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