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iOS App for Kids Review: Build Cars with Edward and Arthur

Yeah, you can have Arthur sit on a toilet to test drive your car. So kids (and lighthearted adults) will love this one.

Build cars, race them, unlock new auto parts and tracks; the Mouse’s new favorite iPad app provides all of that fun in a crisp interface allowing young children to quickly construct sensible, or completely ridiculous, vehicles, before zooming around one of three racetracks. As a child progresses through Build Cars with Edward and Arthur, as they test drive their crazy creations, new pieces will be unlocked – flags, tires, toilet seats, engines, etc.  They’ll be able to easily swap out the auto parts to make hundreds of different cars in a snap. The test drives are extremely straightforward with only a couple of wrinkles thrown in – fueling up the gas tank and crashing the bridge.

*Adorable Alert: Here’s the Mouse showing me how to play Build Cars with Edward and Arthur:

Ideally, there’d be the option to save/take a picture of, and then maybe even print out the cars kids build.  The Mouse, I know, would like to remember her vehicular combinations to show her older sister when she comes home from school, and also to email to her Mom mom (as she does with other apps).

Build Cars with Edward and Arthur is so simple, but so enjoyable for my nearly 5-year old girl who is smack dab in the app’s wheelhouse (pun intended).  It is well worth its $1.99 price tag.  Download the app today. *Note: the app is not working on original iPads.  You must have an iPad 2 or 3, or an iPhone 3GS or above to enjoy this one at this time.

*A promo code for Build Cars with Edward and Arthur was provided to OWTK for review consideration.  The opinions above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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