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Game of Your Life follows the story of high school gamer Zach Taylor (Titus Makin Jr., “Glee”) as he joins the esteemed Digital Institute of Game Design (DIGD) through a scholarship program led by billionaire gaming icon Marcus Bentton (Tom Nowicki, “The Blind Side”). Zach’s dream is to become successful in the realm of game design and development but getting into the institute is just the beginning. Paired with teammates Phillip (Nathan Kress, “iCarly”) and Donald (Adam Cagley, “Good Luck Charlie” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”), it is soon obvious that although they are spending their days having fun, doing what they love, these students have a lot at stake. The first project alone, is so intense that half the class will be eliminated in the first three months.

Working closing with his teammates including a fourth member, team leader, Sara, (Dana De La Garza, “Knight Rider”), they decide to design a massive, campus wide social interactive game. Put in a situation with such intensity, these four quickly develop strong friendships and loyalties. The pressure on Zach becomes greater when he finds out his father is in financial trouble and he works to find a solution at the school to help him. Zach’s distractions and secrets have others questioning his loyalty and puts immense stress on the team.

Game of Your Life is, at it’s core, a story of loyalty, friendship, and family. The movie shows the importance of family and having that one special relationship, like the one Zach has with his father, that can help to keep you grounded and focused. It’s nice to see young people portrayed as having healthy relationships with their parents in a movie (F.Y.I. Some of us actually like our parents, strange but true). The Game of Your Life storyline is believable and interesting and it’s a plot that I (and certainly a large number of gamers and geeks of all sorts) can relate to or at least find interest in.

I was truly entertained by the very unique and intriguing story. This was a well-casted, well-acted movie, although at times some of the dialogue felt a bit cheesy and at other points, seemed like a Xbox commercial. I enjoyed that geeks were portrayed realistically and not the totally inept versions you see in most movies. Game of Your Life is a great movie for the whole family, although my guess is teens (especially gamers and geeks) will appreciate it on a far deeper level than other humans.

review by OWTK’s gaming correspondent Cooper McHatton.

Game of Your Life premieres Friday, December 2 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT.

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