Watch This: New Disney Tomorrowland Trailer

Disney Tomorrowland Movie Poster

I have no problem admitting it — I’m kinda crazy for George Clooney. He’s handsome, talented, funny, makes interesting film choices, and seems like a decent dude. If I ever find out he’s a Detroit Red Wings and/or Michigan State Spartans fan, that’ll be it, I’m going to push all my fanboy chips into the middle of the table.

Although, sorry George, I did skip Monuments Men, despite initial excitement over the idea of a WWII art & culture savior film. I couldn’t take being pounded over the head with the trailer in front of other countless other films. I grew tired and read enough meh stuff about it that I was out.

Tomorrowland though…Tomorrowland, with two rad young female characters, an unshaven Clooney, time travel, robotics, and a flying bathtub (I mean, c’mon, how cool is that!), has its meaty futuristic hooks in me deep. Unfortunatetly, there’s no jumping ahead to tomorrow, today. We all must wait until late May to discover if the future can be saved.

My money is on Mr. Clooney. I think we’re in good shape.

Tomorrowland arrives in theaters on May 22, 2015. Check out the new Disney Tomorrowland trailer, today!

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