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Frugal Fun For Kids: No Cost Science Expirement

Because it’ll be a while still before you’re ready to tackle the splitting of an atom with your kiddo, here’s a simple science project idea for your preschool age children that you can do at home right now with some water, a cup, and a handful of items you’ve already got laying around your home looking for ways to be useful.


Because any scientist worth her weight in beakers knows you’ve gotta record your findings, grab a sheet of paper and a pencil first.  I made a pair of columns, drew a thumbs up for FLOAT and a thumbs down for SINK – because I’m that awesome – and some lines across the page.  The Mouse then sounded out and wrote all of the specimens we’d be testing:

  • comb
  • squinkie
  • quarter
  • acorn
  • pinecorn
  • battery
  • rock

Then, one by one, she dropped the items into a big pitcher of water (1/2 full, so no splashing overboard) after making her prediction of FLOAT or SINK.  Afterwards, she documented the results with a check mark or an X.  We talked about why some floated and some fell to the bottom.  We also talked about why the pinecone shuttered itself like a scared child, although I haven’t a clue as to why this occurred.  We both stared dumbfounded by the discovery.

Science rules…even when dad is a simpleton who cannot explain basic outcomes.


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