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Frugal Fun for Kids: Holiday Catalog Cut & Paste Crafts

If you’ve been putting off that long overdue mailbox expansion, now’s the time to get ‘er done!

Because we’re only weeks away from holiday catalog season, those fun couple of months when we’ll be bombarded daily with a glossy assortment of toys, clothes, gifts, and gadgets. Before you toss ’em into your recycling bin, put those catalogs to good use as a rainy/snowy arts-n-craft accessory!

Here’s what the OWTK girls made recently:

And here’s how they made it:

  • 1 Chasing Fireflies catalog – Halloween costume edition.  Maybe the best catalog for arts-n-craft, cut and paste purposes ever.  At least it’s good for something, because 99.9% of folks can’t afford these absurdly-priced clothes.  Get your free catalog here.
  • 1 Poster board.
  • Scissors (kid-safe & the standard kitchen variety), glue stick, colored pencils, markers.

That’s it.  The Bear had the idea to make a Halloween procession and drew the outline of the house, windows, door and front porch steps first.  She then colored in everything with markers, including the clever front seat and bowl of candy.

The girls used their kid-safe scissors to broadly cut out the images they wanted, then the Mrs. and I cut them precisely.  Both girls glued them onto the poster board – including Dorothy returning from Oz to peek out the upstairs window.

Their original, handmade Halloween cut and paste costume house now hangs in the dining room as our newest Fall decoration!

Other ideas for frugal holiday catalog arts-n-craft family fun include:

  • VISUAL CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: allow your children to cut and paste onto construction paper the toys they’d like Santa to deliver.  Mr. Claus surely would appreciate the extra effort and might like to have one fewer letter needing deciphering from the North Pole handwriting expert.  Heck, maybe the ripe jolly old elf will bring your kiddo something special for such creativity!
  • CUT AND PASTE DRESS UP: put those kid clothing catalogs to good use with a cut and paste dress up craft!  Allow your child to cut out a variety of tops, skirts, clogs, hats, and scarves then assemble them in creative new ensembles on poster board or construction paper.
  • POPSICLE STICK PUPPETS: use those same kid clothing catalogs to make fun Popsicle stick puppets. Simply allow your child to cut out a model or two from catalogs then glue them onto the sticks or even onto toilet paper tubes!  Your kids will be behind the couch putting on a unique arts-n-crafts puppet show in no time, and for no cost!
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