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Driveaway to Driveway – August 24 2011

Haven’t done this in a while!

Here’s what we listened to on the way to school this morning. Again, only a 12-14 minute ride, so it’s usually just 3-4 songs. These were picked by me, save for “Baby Cloud” which was requested by Mouse.

  • Edith Frost “If It Weren’t For The Words” – you should hear the Bear croon this one!  She taps into Frost’s melancholy with aplomb, so much so that I sometimes forget she’s a 7-year old without a frame of reference for the song’s bigger picture theme of heartache.  But, the idea of stumbling over the right words to express herself adequately is directly in her highly-sensitive-child wheelhouse.  Hat tip to Justin Roberts for sharing this album and, more specifically, this song with me.
  • Lunch Money “It Only Takes One Night To Make A Balloon Your Friend” – maybe the quentisential kindie song;  sweet melody, lovely visuals, and a underpinning of observational wit that may seem slightly obtuse on face value but makes 100% perfect sense to anyone who’s ever held a balloon tightly.
  • Caspar Babypants w/ Rachel Loshak “Baby Cloud” – a haunting lullaby ballad made sunny by a cheerful xylophone.  The contrast is stunning, as is Loshak’s gorgeous voice.
  • Okee Dokee Brothers “The Naked Truth” – I admit that this song doesn’t seem to belong in this particular mini-mix but I was attempting to shake off my self-imposed morning mellowness and to make the girls laugh a bit before we dropped off the Bear for the day.  No better way to extract a chuckle than with the story of a nude boy who only wears clothes in the shower!
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