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iPhone App for Kids Review: Oobie’s Space Adventure

Oobie’s Space Adventure
from VHS Design

It’s short, it’s simple, it’s cute, it’s free.

The Mouse almost always plays Oobie’s Space Adventure 3 or 4 times consecutively, mostly to hear the repetitive but infectious electronica song at the end. She struts her shoulders out and her head to and fro.  Hilarious.

The 10-page interactive storybook takes children through Outer Space to encounter asteroids, planets, stars and more.  Touch stars to hear them chime, the sun to make it burn up, the planet to change it’s shape and color, and send comets zooming off screen.  Quite relaxing and enjoyable.

In the Zen-like Playground mode, you fling the jelly-like Oobie around to bump into asteroids and chime stars with different tones based on their size.

Even if Oobie’s Space Adventure (for iPhone and iPad) ends up costing a dollar some day, it’ll still be worth your coin and your child’s time.

Download it now for free!


Oobie’s Space Adventure from Jason L on Vimeo.

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