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Kindiefest 2011 in Words

The Not-It! melt industry faces at Kindiefest 2011

I wrote this on Out With The Kids’ Facebook Wall on Sunday morning. 1:29am to be precise (hey it’s for kids but it’s still rock-n-roll):

“This day – all the music, laughs and conversation – is a prime reason I do what it is that I do. Thanks to the Kindiefest crew for organizing a brilliant Saturday and thanks to everyone with whom I was privileged to share this experience with”.

Later, I’d tell the Mrs. that, start-to-finish, Saturday at Kindiefest was the greatest single day in my kindie music career (define ‘career’ however you’d like). A full 48 hours after the apex of my all-ages music experiences – both professional and personal – I not only stand by those remarks, I’d willingly shout them from the tallest mountain!  If only I resided in a more topographically interesting locale.  Instead, I type these remarks quietly whilst wobbling atop my sofa.

Things I learned and/or had confirmed at Kindiefest 2011:

  • Cory Cullinan aka Dr. Noize of Phineas McBoof fame is a mad genius.  I could fawn over Leo Messi, mock Cristiano Ronaldo, and discuss the relative merits of leveling with your child with this little magician from Colorado for hours…and may just do that someday (wink, wink)
  • Tim and the Space Cadets are the next Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players.  Tim Kubart, kindie’s most handsome chap, exudes a charisma that’s quite possibly 2nd to none.  Look for the debut full length from these NYC power-pop-rockers in Fall 2011.
  • The Kindie music community found it’s Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and filled a gap it may not have known it had all in one fell swoop in the persons Shine & the Moonbeans.  No act over the course of Kindiefest weekend dropped as many jaws and induced the number of “WOW”s as this New York quartet.  I managed to hardly curse up until the point when they took that stage.  Then, it was a bonanza of positive “Holy Shit!”s and awestruck “WTF!”s.  Sorry Mom, Shine made me do it.
  • In 20 minutes, within 10 probably, two Caucasian youngins from Boston carved out a piece of the very small kid-hop market for themselves.  RhymeZwell and DJ Manners impressed everyone in the house on Saturday evening, including the King of Kid-Hop Secret Agent 23 Skidoo who was absolutely feeling the duo’s authentic hip hop vibe.  They too have a new album in the pipeline and set themselves up nicely to get that disc noticed, anticipated even.
  • The Not-Its! want to melt your face.  Period. Regardless of what you think about their recordings, their brand of power-pop shredding can do it live.  Color me black & pink…and blown away.  Hey, speaking of new albums…the Seattle quintet has a Kickstarter campaign to fund their 3rd CD, the working title of which is “Tag, Your It” [get it?]
  • The Verve Pipe are a great kid’s band.  Welcome to the club, fellas.  I hope you splash around in the kiddie pool for a while.
  • Heidi Swedberg and her beau, Flamenco guitarist Daniel Ward, are so freaking adorable it almost made me gag.  I kid of course (about the gagging).  They are just so damn cute off stage and mesmerizing on it.
  • Dean Jones is my hero.
  • Four moms from the Motor City rock about as hard as possible.  They are the Candy Band (that’s them up there to the right).  If you dig early-80’s punk rock (okay, or early-Green Day) meet your new favorite kid’s band.
  • The folks behind Sirius/XM Kid’s Place Live – Mindy Thomas, Robbie Schaefer and Kenny Curtis – are such beautiful people.  They are 100% interested in, and committed to, advancing this micro-genre of kid’s music and getting great music into the ears of modern families.  If they don’t play your music enough or at all, it’s not – I REPEAT NOT – because they are part of some underground cabal determined to keep small independent acts off their satellite airwaves.  Exactly the opposite, actually.
  • The 2011 kid’s music scene = the 1997 indie rock scene.  That’s a good thing, in case you weren’t around for the latter.
  • I’m convinced that a musician can make a living in this kindie racket without getting on the boob tube.  I don’t necessarily know how (although I think in-App songs and videos are involved somehow), but it can be done.
  • At the same time, I’m fairly positive that I, or any other non-musician/producer/satellite radio personality cannot.
  • I’m okay with the above.
  • Babouche, the Moroccan restaurant on the corner of 5th and Degraw St. in Park Slope Brooklyn, and specifically it’s lamb tangine dish, is sublime.
  • Press 195, a block or so down from Babouche – also on 5th, makes one of the best salads ever (the simply-named Steak Salad with fresh mozzarella, corn, creamy roasted pepper dressing).  Oh, their Belgian fries and accompanying chipotle jalapeno mayo are also mouthwatering.
  • Not to be outdone, the Cobb salad at Building on Bond (corner of Bond & Pacific in Brooklyn) is divine – with huge portions of avocado slices, crumbled blue cheese and thick cut bacon.  Yum!
  • Mister Softee’s milkshakes are far too milky, but you know what?  That fact plus the $5 price tag didn’t prevent me from enjoying 2 of them in a 24-hour period.  C’mon! The dude was parked out front and the cute little jingle was on a loop.  You try saying no.  Don’t judge me, dammit.

I had so many brilliant, funny, and thought-provoking talks with artists, other writers, radio folks and PR reps that I lost my voice twice!  A small price to pay for one of the finest weekends I’ve ever experienced without the family by my side.

I’ve already got K-Fest 2012 in my iCal (4/27-4/29).

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