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Your Kindie Rock Fitness Challenge Invitation

I formally invite you to join my Kindie Rock Fitness Challenge!

The challenge will run for 1 month, beginning on March 26th and ending on April 26th, the opening day of the 2013 Kindiefest Family Music Conference in Brooklyn, NY.  Join John Joyce (of Poochamungas) and me as we try to get in shape for good, yes, but especially, for Kindiefest!

Here’s how to play along:

Hit the gym, eat well, talk walks outside, whatever you want to do to feel better, lose weight, and get #aLittleLessFat. Yes, that is the hash tag I would like you to use when you post your exercise accomplishments and healthy meals (with photos please!) on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Dailymile. Use any or all of those social media tools to broadcast your progress with the hash tag #aLittleLessFat and I will randomly select participants to win prizes like free advertising here on OWTK.com, social media mentions from OWTK’s accounts, a song played on the OWTK podcast, and maybe other things I might dream up between now and April 26th.

*For those attending Kindiefest, this challenge may finish with a group walk/run/trot across the Brooklyn Bridge. We’ll see how that weekend goes!

Here I am officially announcing this crazy scheme, still sweaty from the gym this morning:

And here are examples of what it looks like to share your Kindie Rock Fitness Challenge progress with the hash tag #ALittleLessFat:

Also, Go Green, Go White! Go Spartans!

*Fine Print Stuff: The Kindie Rock Fitness Challenge is in no way associated with the Kindiefest Family Music Conference, and you don’t need to be attending Kindiefest to participant or to win  prizes.  You also do not need to be a musician to participate. Authors, PR reps, interested parties, mom/dad bloggers, parents, anyone at all can participant, get healthier, and win.

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